Wirral Council Goes CWACC’ers


As the picture above shows basket case councils Wirral and Cheshire West & Cheshire Council (CWACC) have been signing something called a Concordat – although based on their past reputations Eldtritch thinks this should have been more accurately described as a “Clusterfuck Contract” rather than a Concordat .

 The stated intention is that both Councils share back office resources ( i.e. staff,IT etc;) saving an estimated £69 million. We understand the calculations behind this claim can be found on the back of a packet of Embassy Regal cigarettes which is exhibited in Williamson Art Gallery. However it would appear the upshot is we will have less people doing essential work and more people making decisions about who does this work – some of whom neither live or work on Wirral or indeed were voted by the people of Wirral to make these decisions.

Looking at the picture of Mike “The Boss” Jones (CWAC)  in the blue corner and Pip ” Not the Boss” Davies (Wirral) in the red corner we can only this Conservative-Labour alliance is more cordial than relations between the respective parties on the Wirral.
Although it must be said the colour co-ordinated ties is such a cliché. At least Comrade Burgesski remained neutral and matched his hair to his beautifully bleached teeth.
God knows who the little Hobbit creature in the ill-fitting suit and the red and blue tie (geddit?) on the left of Burgesski is but we suspect he may be making decisions about who sends you that threatening letter about non-payment of any number of taxes levied locally which have absolutely nothing to do with him.
You have been warned.

* In conjunction with this article Wirral Leaks will be running a caption competition for the above photograph.

Entrants from Cheshire West and Chester making references to the term “”them dickheads”  previously attributed by Cllr Jones to describe green site development protestors in Tattenhall will automatically be disqualified as we consider such language inappropriate on a site such as Wirral Leaks.


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