NO SHAME“I,Graham Burgesski swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and whatever Spinderella says I can…..”

Wirral Leaks devotees will remember how we reported that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) were keeping close tabs on Wirral Council with regards to their response to Freedom of Information requests as their performance had been absolutely woeful.

Indeed they were the only Council in the country to be subject to such monitoring ( doesn’t your bosom swell with pride?)

Now despite the desperate intervention of Unofficial Town Hall Apologist and  Cranky Conspiracy Theorist Uncle Frank “n” Field doing his usual defending the indefensible routine,it still appears that Wirral Council are still failing miserably when it comes to the oft quoted mantra of “openness and transparency”

Following a three month monitoring period the ICO have ruled that response times still fall far short of an acceptable standard:

The ICO have therefore taken the unprecedented step of asking Chief Executive Graham Burgess of signing an undertaking to ensure that matters improve:

Have you ever read such a toe-curlingly embarrassing edict in your life?.

Whilst we at Leaky Towers certainly welcome the undertaking and particularly the proviso that Council officers receive training in their responsibilities when it comes to Freedom of Information legislation might we suggest that what is needed is some “back to basics” lessons in what it means to be a PUBLIC SERVANT.

Guys and guyesses,listen up – you are not doing us any favours ,you work for us.

Remember who paid for those PERSONALISED NUMBER-PLATES.

Wirral Leaks is watching you!………………..




  1. SEEING WILL BE BELIEVING & we can only hope the the council will live up to Mr Burgess promise & quite honestly if I hold my breath I may be dead in the morning.
    Cheers Lord & Lady Leaks for the update & I hope I am still breathing in the morning.

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