“I Dreamed A Dream”


I was reading yet more shocking tales of Wirral Councils alleged distribution of taxpayers money in the local press, this time centring on rumours of a secret pay-off.


Suddenly my mind became a whirl of unanswered questions, a maelstrom of confusion and intrigue and then I became all woozy,I heard the sound of a harp and saw wavy lines before my eyes just like in old movies ,then found myself drifting off into a restless slumber with these words tinkling in my ears …..

 “Hold your breath,make a wish,count to three……Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination,take a look and you’ll see into your imagination,we’ll begin with a spin, travelling in the world of my creation,what we’ll see will defy explanation…….” 

And so let us venture into this world of imagination, a parallax universe where wrong is right, , bad is good and spin is truth.  Imagine if you will – The “Council X” Press Statement –

” A Council (X)  employee  may have been compensated for something but we’re not sure what for and we’re not going to tell you if they were anyway “.
Employee X says ” Although there appears to be no financial or career detriment and I didn’t have to bother with all that tiresome and fiddly legal palaver I feel fully vindicated after my valiant and heroic struggle against corporate oppression.This financial compensation of  just under 50 grand sends a very clear message that the failure to address a grievance will not be tolerated.”
I am confident that following due process those responsible for my heinous treatment will be held to account,lessons will be learned and hopefully no-one else will be a victim of such appalling appallingness.
I am therefore proud to work for an organisation that has a Chief Executive X who acts decisively when it comes to writing me out a cheque with the sage advice : ” Let’s keep it under the £50K and if anyone asks any awkward questions we’ll  just repeat the words “Compromise Agreement” and  “Moral and legal duty” at regular intervals  “
I am also proud to work for Leader X who can use the words “open” and “transparent” without blushing or crossing his fingers behind his back. A Leader with Supreme Powers (after checking with Chief Executive X first ) who doesn’t hide behind references to  “Corporate Governance” or “Culture” as a means of deflecting responsibility and accountability from those individuals who instigated the Corporate Governance failures and a “corrosive culture” in the first place.    
But I am proudest of all to be supported by my loyal colleagues, the dear little people who tell me that I’m an inspiration and would never in a million years leak compromising information because they felt either deeply aggrieved or that it was in the public interest to do so .     
Finally I’d like to state that if this Council is to truly “Refresh & Renew” itself after a series of damning reports and scandals it cannot be seen to tolerate or condone such disgraceful disregard of Council employees rights…….well when I say employees I mean the ones that matter….. I mean we can’t be handing out bumper cheques to everyone who’s complaints aren’t handled properly can we?
So just to be clear on that specific point, when I say “the ones that matter” I mean the ones who are already on megabucks, know where the bodies are buried and what buttons to push ……. “

…..and then her Ladyship prodded me with her riding crop and I woke up and realised it was all just a bad dream…..a bad dream from which I suspect I will never awake.

and if you aren’t a team player remember …..

3 thoughts on ““I Dreamed A Dream”

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  2. Dear Lord Julian having read the above & previously read the John Braces blog report on the council meeting where our beloved leaders tried the old Watergate cover up on the fortunate council officers lottery winner at the expense of Wirral ratepayers.

    The scandals mount up one on top of another &; it is left to the poor ratepayers to pick up the tab as usual.
    What with the numerous reports at huge expense stating the usual tripe “That there was no case to answer” & the £1,000.000.00 plus pay outs to lead officers with the old Yorkshire motto on their agreements “Here all, see all say nowt, eat all sup all pay nowt” nothing surprises me any more with the Clown hall goings on. The gravy train continues with hurt feelings now being an excuse for another huge pay out. Can you arrange for somebody to come round to my house & insult me & I will try to join the gravy train & get a “BUNG” from our loyal councillors who already milk the system to the tune of nearly a million pounds already. I await the visit your obedient & loyal servant Jonathan Hardaker.

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