Lord Knows


As the the late great Northern philosopher Hylda Baker used to say:
“(s) He knows y’know”!
It’s gratifying to see the local press picking up on stories first revealed by Wirral Leaks.
Here’s our exclusive from 27th September where we first leaked the story about the possibility of Wirral Council’s hapless Social Services Department being scammed:
Here’s the Daily Post story published today 16th October
And here’s the Freedom of Information request which confirms that the matter is now in the hands of the police.
What we at Leaky Towers would like to know is whether anyone will be held accountable for this latest debacle? It’s back to Hylda for the answer to that one: ” Not on your nellie”!.
Will it be yet another case of off you pop with a Compromise Agreement which can’t be discussed for moral and legal reasons?!……….


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