Costa Lot – taking the breeze or taking the piss?

Thankfully we’re early risers and so were able to complete our mission and exit the garish yellow supermarket just before 9am on Wednesday morning – October 16, for fans of people who like to say “FACT”.
After dispatching Eldritch to the car with our goods, Lady L and I decided to take in some of the bracing sea air and have a closer look at this gleaming new monument to council ingenuity.
And, alas, it seemed we were not alone!
In FACT we fear our innocent stroll around Marine Point may have unwittingly disturbed a curious meeting of minds taking place that very morning.
Stood there, at 9.10am on Wednesday, October 16 – again for people of “FACT” fascination -huddling away from public gaze and sucking furiously on cigarettes, stood two very familiar figures from the power elite in Brighton Street.
Now for someone under the weather (apparently Wirral Council do still authorise “gardening leave” for the chosen few), one of them looked utterly resplendent in a suit and open necked shirt.
And their companion was equally eye-catching in a three-quarter length coat and “fashionable” riding boots that stomped from side to side.
Fortunately, they were able to keep warm through the miracle of nicotine and take-out cups of Costa Coffee.
Unfortunately, dear readers, we were too far away to actually hear what they were saying to one another. One can only wonder if it was strictly council business – whether it was about issues surrounding an incredulous  “damages” pay out is strictly conjecture.
However by this time Lady L had had enough of all the intrigue and was demanding we return to Leaky Towers for kedgeree and Earl Grey. But as we turned to leave we could have sworn we saw something flashing in the background….
Inevitably after our afternoon snooze yesterday, a “ping” indicated that an email had arrived in our well and truly pummelled Wirral Leaks in-box and subsequently this article went to press .
As contrary to popular belief  (or as it’s better known Power Boy Pip) we don’t just report “lies”, we write about issues that are very much in the public interest and we don’t publish until we get concrete evidence and judging by the pictures we’ve received  this story is about as concrete as brutalist architecture.
We’ve spared the protagonists blushes by rendering the images in “film noir” -as
one has a feeling these images could set already wagging tongues wagging even further.
And we really wouldn’t want that… well we would really because we beseech the good people of Wirral that enough is enough.

2 thoughts on “Costa Lot – taking the breeze or taking the piss?

  1. They were on a mission,counting the number of car parking spaces for Councillor ‘call me Gielgud’ Smith so that he could work out the income when next seasons tourists come ready to be ripped off!

  2. So, through years of scandal, the machinations are still churning away untouched, eroding the place from the inside – with no help from the outside. This is self-inflicted, plain and simple.

    For a long time, the unaccountable ones have moved in the shadows. But now they’re out in the open. Well done Wirral Leaks. Shurely the end is nigh for these two, whoever they are… what can the explanation BE? If they were junior staff, they’d be disciplined and removed from their posts immediately, with no pay off in public money.

    But as they’re seniors, with dangerous knowledge, will the CEO lay prostrate, get up, limp on, and render himself “damaged goods”?

    Last week it was £48,000 deducted from our coffers with a nod and a wink from the top, and an evasive whimper from the leader. And just a few days later it’s descended into THIS.

    We’re watching, and we’re cringing…………………….

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