Transparently Anti-Racist


Lady W has just nearly choked on a Viscount ( the biscuit not her second cousin I hasten to add).

When I asked her what the kerfuffle was about – she pointed out that apparently it’s just been announced that anti-racism training is being provided by staff from Wirral Council’s Minority Ethnic Achievement Service (.. and whilst no doubt worthy we do wonder how many high powered meetings it took to come up with that somewhat awkward-sounding tag).

Cllr Tony Smith, Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services is quoted as saying:

“Challenging racism and promoting diversity should be at the core of Britain’s education system and these training sessions recognise that. It is particularly fitting that these sessions should be offered around Black History Month.”

Whilst we wholeheartedly support these noble endeavours we can only endorse Her Ladyship’s sentiments that perhaps Cllr Smith may do well to remind colleagues that challenging racism and promoting diversity should also be at the core of Wirral Council’s culture and practice and that Councillors have a particular responsibility to transparently demonstrate this in their leadership and behaviour ………..

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