What Colour Does Red and Green Make?

We understand that Sue Green, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development at Wirral University Teaching Hospital ( aka Arrowe Park Hospital ) has made a rather sudden disappearance.Thereby maintaining a fine family tradition following her spouse Dave “No Case To Answer” Green’s departure from Wirral Council earlier this year.
What we are wondering at Leaky Towers is whether this has anything to do with the recent Care Quality Commission Intelligent Monitoring Report and particularly page 3 where you can see written in red those immortal words “Elevated risk : whistleblowing alerts…”
Surely not another case of whistleblowing proving once again to be something of an inconvenience to another member of the Green household? I think we should be told – but I suspect we won’t be.Perhaps local MP Frankenfield, fresh from his triumph of clearing up Wirral Council,can call for an Inquiry into exactly what is up with Wirral’s other most significant institution?.
Lady W gives an exasperated sigh and says:
” Oh he already has dear……unfortunately the inquiry he asked for was into the crucial question as to why people use foodbanks!  Now, it’s just a wild guess on my part but I would have thought it was because they were living in his beloved so-called “welfare ghetto” and had very little money “. 
Meanwhile Verity was rooting through the archives and spotted this Wirral Globe story from 2011 about a public meeting organised by Wirral MPs who heard a litany of complaints from staff, both serving and retired from Arrowe Park Hospital .The local MPs involved were,yes you guessed it, Frankenfield and Alison McGovern – (” Who’s she when she’s at home?….” Lady W hissed rather coarsely)
Colm Byrne of the RCN nurses union claimed that staff at this time were depressed and morale had crashed and is quoted as saying: “Everybody seems to be working in a climate of fear. I think this needs to addressed……”
And so we’d like to ask what has happened in the intervening 2 years or so since the selfless intervention of the great and the ghoul?
What we find most disheartening is this: Why is it that when it comes to Wirral’s most prominent institutions it’s always left to whistleblowers and regulators red lights flashing before the eyes before anyone takes a blind bit of notice?…………and only then if it’s politically opportune to do so?
“I don’t understand why these days everything has to turn to shit before someone sits up and take notice”  snarled Eldritch .
“Precisely….” replied Lady W “…especially when turd brown is such an unflattering colour”.

1 thought on “What Colour Does Red and Green Make?

  1. Lord Wirralleaks,

    This correspondent received the following intelligence, with the authority of a statistic, from the european regional development auditor, that:

    in his extensive caseload fraud and malfeasance were found in 70 out of one hundred cases from whistleblowing alone; in 30 out of a hundred from regulators.

    This begs the question of why does the public tolerate authority, or vested interests, or incumbents whatever, in their making life so difficult for the self-same public spirited whistleblowers who outstrip discovery by audit more than two to one?

    I recommend to your readers to address themselves to Whistleblowers UK or to Compassion in Care , both on the internet. They may come from such a reading with a distant echo of what those Germans living near Buchenwald, Dachau or Belsen felt on being presented with evidence of the secret operations of their government. That will be set upon as being too extreme but the evidence laid out by Eileen Chubb with 1500 quotes from harried whistleblowers is shocking indeed.

    Your Faithful Correspondent


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