After seemingly taking a brief hiatus from his relentless round of self promotion, Deputy Council Leader Cllr Gorgeous George Davies returns for the launch of the Stop Hate UK helpline.

With his hair expertly glued to his head, the dapper quilted jacket and that cheeky impish grin he’s just the kind of wholesome representative that Wirral Council needs to front this worthy campaign.

However with the campaign byline being “Whatever they call you…call us” we really do hope this charming picture doesn’t turn out to make him a hostage to fortune (cookie) !!!!………….

For a kick -off (pun intended) can we suggest that as part of Wirral Council’s “Bluenose Contingent” he refrains from hateful name calling at today’s Everton/Liverpool derby match.

We know you guys have an aversion to whistleblowers but that doesn’t mean you have to make offensive remarks about the questionable parentage of the referee!

After all, like all whistleblowers, he is just trying to do his job and prevent foul play ……………………….


1 thought on “WHATEVER THEY CALL YOU……

  1. Howz about concentrating on the simple things like running the Borough in a value for money way, free of all taint of corruption and gross incompetence. When you manage that then go on to the politically arresting matters like antio-racism. I am sure the citizens themselves can manage to police racism and understand quite clearly that it is a ludicrous doctrine.

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