Frank Drebin’s Secret Staircase?


The news that nearly a million quid has been found to build an Executive Staircase at Wallasey Town Hall comes as no surprise to us at Leaky Towers.

 Have a look here at today’s Wirral Globe Story

However, we think it highly appropriate that Comrade Burgesski and his elite corps of yes men and women should have a glistening back passage built in their honour.

As a Council insider informs us:

“Ironically enough, it’s that very stairwell – pre double glazing – where Spinders and other smokers gathered for a crafty fag so the nasty public couldn’t see them outside…..doubly ironic when you think she’s the one allegedly responsible for public engagement  !!!!!!”

The stately pleasure dome (with shower) that Comrade Burgesski has had under construction since he deigned to honour us with his celestial presence must be nearing completion.

Can it be long before we espy a helicopter pad atop the Town Hall?

Although it must be noted that a Council spokesperson denies there are plans to convert the Town Hall basement into “The Stella Shiu Memorial Dungeon Rooms” which are named in tribute to the elusive Chinese businesswoman whom Wirral Council, it could be said, have “courted, even feted” ( to quote Foulksey).

It has been alleged these rooms were intended to consign Council and Bedroom Tax defaulters, Brown bin refuseniks, whistle-blowers and anyone that wasn’t “on message” that Wirral Council was the “Best Council Ever, Ever, Ever”

However we do question whether the money is for an actual staircase or whether the phrase: “phase 1 means of escape £850,000” is actually a reference to money that’s been set aside as pay-offs when this bunch of inept charlatans are rumbled much like all the ones that have gone before…


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