Give ‘Em Enough Rope.


As a postscript to the staircase mystery story we were wryly amused by the red herring in the press statement given by Town Hall mouthpiece David “Stretch the bounds of Credibility”  Armstrong. The attempt to explain that the staircase was part of the plans to make Wallasey Town Hall Disability Discrimination Act compliant was an exercise in breathtaking cynicism even by Wirral Council’s world-beating standards.

There are numerous examples which evidence that complying with the Disability Discrimination Act has not, historically, been a particular concern for Wirral Council…. indeed a Council insider gives us this particular example….

“In the North Annex there is no fire escape! You would assume the same in the South Annex. When one chap – severely disabled …….. managed for years working on the 3rd floor and he had no legs and was in a wheelchair! If the lift was off he was telephoned and told not to come in. He had a carer with him at all times, if a fire had broken out everyone knew there was a ‘rescue portable fire chair’ that the fire marshals were trained to use. As far as I know there are no plans to fit a fire escape in the annexes. So one would assume its sod the staff lets look after ourselves…...”

Unless of course there are other plans for the current inhabitants of the Town Hall annexes to be, er, annexed, by the burgeoning CoSocius empire by April 1st 2014?! ( no we didn’t make this date up)……

Meanwhile the unconfirmed reports that interim fire exit arrangements for both Annexes include the issuing of a rope ladder and a mattress have been denied by a Council smokesperson………


2 thoughts on “Give ‘Em Enough Rope.

  1. This is the most ill- informed insider regarding Fire exits/procedure in the North Annexe and general fire safety.
    There are two fire escapes at either end of the annexe, both of which have fire doors when leading into the respective floors.
    Signs clearly state the fire exits are at either ends of the building. It is also worth noting that safety assessments have been carried out on the north annexe and it has passed.

    Although i have no knowledge of the gentleman who was told not to attend work or indeed how valid that information is, I can assure you and anybody reading this that safety of all colleagues is of the utmost importance to those responsible for ensuring so.

    For staff and visitors who are unable to use the stairs during a fire drill/emergency, Staff (not just fire marshals) are trained to use the EVAC chair to get these members of staff out of the building asap and in the safest manner. The names of the trained EVAC chair operators are on the notice boards in the North Annexe as are the fire marshals and fire evacuation procedures.

    I cannot speak for the past, but as of now, the North Annexe has one of the best Fire Marshal teams and has strict policy’s in place to ensure the safety of all staff and visitors in the building. (I know because I wrote them and constantly check policies are adhered to on a daily basis)

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