Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 7 – The Stamp of Disapproval!


Although it hasn’t received much coverage locally we note that Wirral’s most senior ranking MP ( no Frank that’s NOT you!) has been formally reprimanded by the parliamentary standards commissioner for using House of Commons stationery and postage for Tory electioneering.


West Wirral MP Esther McVague ( for it is she) was rumbled by newly elected local Labour Councillor and peachy keen teenage prodigy Philip Brightboy who complained in an email to the standards commissioner in September. Brightboy claimed that the MP had sent a “letter on Parliamentary paper, a Parliamentary envelope and franked second class”


It was subsequently found that McVague was indeed “pushing the envelope” and had sent around 500 letters and surveys to constituents using Commons headed paper and stamps, at a cost of almost £300. She has said “sorry” for the “unfortunate incident” and arranged for the sum to be repaid.

Rumours are now circulating that McVague’s West Kirby office are now busily steaming off stamps and steaming open envelopes addressed to West Wirral constituents.The suggestion that these envelopes were for a Christmas card depicting the MP as an angel and each containing a tenner have been strongly denied by her constituency spokesperson Penny Black.

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