Wirral Advent Calendar 10 – Public Opinion


The public have spoken and it seems they rather like WL but not so WBC (sad face)

A recent comment somewhat captured the Zeitgeist we feel  – Anon on December 5, 2013 at 8:47 am said:

“This blog is amazing. Suck it, Wirral Council!”

….Which made us think –  If the Council would like to advertise on WL feel free to contact our Social Media manager Ms.Vi Ral.

Vi told us “Well, from a PR perspective it could be a match made in heaven as it would appear more Council staff read WL than the Council’s own in-house self-aggrandizing missives. I’ve no idea who is in charge of WBC’s media strategy but they really do make a bucket of pigsh*t look like a member of MENSA. “

1 thought on “Wirral Advent Calendar 10 – Public Opinion

  1. The Council PR department are very talented,though not in PR! However they can make a fine silk purse out of a sows ear-oink oink.

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