Wirral Advent Calendar 12 – Cabinet of Curiosities

BOT The F**K Is Going ON!

The Wirral Council Cabinet meeting held earlier this week was the usual stage managed feigned outrage with Power Boy Pip Davies doing his Violet Elizabeth Bott impression blaming that nasty Mr Pickles from that there fancy House of Commons for the Council’s financial woes. We half expected him to finish his speech with the declaration “ It’s sooooo unfair. I’m going to thcream and thcream until I’m thick ….”.

There was also some limp flag waving and half hearted whistleblowing (with real whistles for a change) from union members who only seem to get animated when their jobs and working conditions are under threat.

We feel as though we’ve done this one to death but has it occurred to these people yet that their jobs are under threat partly because of years of financial mismanagement and incompetence by Councillors/Council Officers highlighted by real whistleblowers and yet it’s some of the same Councillors/Council Officers now making decisions about worker’s futures?….. and what’s more union stewards on the Town Hall payroll cannot and never will be 100% on the side of their members anyway!

Much more interesting was information sent to us at Leaky Towers where , as ever , the devil is very much in the detail. A couple of sources who clearly have a much more probing mind than you’ll find among the curiously incurious Cabinet members have forwarded the following:

We were sent a copy of next years Council budget by a curious person (not to be confused with a bi-curious person).  Our source enquired: “ I wait in anticipation to see if any of the councillors and Senior Officers challenge the budget”
They helpfully highlighted certain information and included the following comments specifically about the Department of Adult Social Services budget :
“Masque theatre the staff salary for 1 member is rather high £100,100 And the average full time equivalent salary for Moreton Staff is rather low, £6401.

Take a look at Best Bites figures, a service for people who can travel independently, do not need personal care assistance, who do not have challenging behaviours. Yet Heswall and Eastham Services that are under threat and do support people with extremely complex needs are at an acceptable level of cost.

The recharges budget are nonsensical, I would love to see a break down!

It is clear Best Bites has the potential to be a valued service, but at the cost would make any business person go into anaphylactic shock.

How can the Council be trusted when obvious and silly mistakes are made in important documentation?

A Senior DASS officer should be made accountable for the mistakes and the use of tax payers money.

It is common knowledge the parents and carers of Heswall Association have made a number of attempts to work with DASS senior officers to go down the route of developing a Social Enterprise that will have the projected savings needed for day services yet hurdles, barriers, break walls have been put up. It is clear Senior Officers in DASS do not understand the meaning of Co Design but that is another story which will be shared in the near future…….. ” .

Another source with their mind on the job,eye on the ball and a nose for trouble sends us this :

“Theres a real bad smell here.

Check out these FOIs Be ready for the fall out


So what work have these protected staff been doing for 3+ years? They lost a huge contract but did not cut jobs yet others are fighting to save their own frontline jobs


The plot thickens. Obviously its not what you know.


How will they dodge this one?


Seems they don’t care much anyway, and have provided false facts regarding the Community Safety Partnership set up . Another council officer lies about a FOI……..”

As we regularly say at Leaky Towers but clearly it’s never said at Cabinet meetings  : ” Curiouser and curiouser” ……………..

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