Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 13 – Friday the 13th


And so demonstrating their commitment to protecting vulnerable people Wirral Council are “minded” to close Lyndale School.

This is a school for children with multiple disabilities .
An OFSTED report 2012 stated:  ‘A large majority of the pupils have medical conditions which may be life-limiting’

Power Boy Pip  says: “Lyndale is a fantastic school and does an absolutely fantastic job for the kids that it looks after who have got profound multiple disabilities.“The problem that we have got is not to do with the standards of the teaching or anything to do with education.”They have had a pretty consistent falling roll, and the problem we have got is one of viability.”I think they are down to 24 children on the roll and there are 40 places. There is a big funding shortfall of £70,000 next year……”


Yes folks £70,000 !!!!!!!!   ….. shall we put that into context of the millions and millions and millions of pounds this Council has squandered on incompetence and dishonesty over the past few years?.

For example EACH of the pay offs to the likes of the many former Wirral Council Officers ( insert the dishonest incompetent of your choice) would have provided 2 years funding  for this precious resource.

Might we suggest that if Power Boy Pip is thinking of slashing that he sticks to pointing Percy at the porcelain ( don’t have nightmares about that image ) and leaves Lyndale School well alone!!!!  ……


5 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 13 – Friday the 13th

  1. It’s darkly ironic when you think that the current leader, Phil Davies, with his place secure as chair of the Employment and Appointments Committee, was the VERY person who occupied the controlling chair on the £1 million pounds plus of disgusting, accountability dodging, future abuse enabling pay offs and compromise agreements.

    He is the primary moving individual who squandered all of that public money to save the skins of senior officers and stop them dobbing in his fellow councillors. Money that could and would have saved 14 x Lyndale schools.

    Money that is now gone, while unchecked abuse potentially flares up god knows where else.

  2. Why not investigate the 3 million pound underspend in the disabled facilities grant section that has got managers switching staff in a desperate attempt to spend the allocated money.

  3. Repetitive I know but May I add that the monies spent on investigating BIG/ISUS would upkeep this school in excess of one year. Without council officers laxity and obtuseness this money need never have been spent at all

  4. Once again our ‘brave boys’,in their relentless battle against the forces of economising,have waged war against an ‘enemy’ who can’t fight back,the vulnerable and weak. Well done,just continue with your junkets to foreign climes, payoffs to your chums and stairways to heaven, YOU know it makes sense,a pity the rest of Wirral disagrees!

  5. online petion at
    I have a daughter at this school and this is the start of a big fight i think the council underestimate us. We have nearly 1000 signatures in 4 hours. I know its just a petion but its just the start

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