Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 14 – Merry Dass-mess

We are grateful for a couple of crackers from Wirral Council Leakers which indicates that the Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) may be the gift that keeps on giving to Wirral Leaks but seems more adept at taking away services from vulnerable people !
Cracker 1 : Why not investigate the 3 million pound underspend in the disabled facilities grant section that has got managers switching staff in a desperate attempt to spend the allocated money?

The first leak we have already posted as a reply on Day 13 but it bears highlighting as it alleges that there is a £3 million pound underspend  in the Disabled Facilities Grant Section. This section administers grants of up to £30,000 that can assist towards the cost of adapting the home so that disabled people can continue to live independently. Or not as the case may be………..

If this is the case we do hope that Councillors are asking some searching questions about how there’s a large pot of money lying around whilst disabled people on Wirral are going without essential adaptations.

Cracker 2 :


“Your Care, Your Choice” – you may have had the same carers for the last ten years but tough, the agency is changing whether you like it or not!   Might be worth speaking to an agency who didn’t win the tender as there are going to be some unhappy / bankrupt businesses out there!    ..

The second leak concerns an email which was Sent of behalf of Amanda Kelly, Senior Lead – Market Transformation & Contracts.

Clearly with a job title like that Ms.Kelly is now too important to send her own emails about how DASS has  undertaken a re-tendering of the domiciliary care and reablement services. This affects approximately 1500 people who receive Domiciliary care services on the Wirral. The email reads :All these people have been contacted  to inform them of the change. To allay anxiety and ensure all staff are able to direct any concerned customers to the right place please read the two letters attached and note the content of this e-mail below –

Implications for Service Users

As a consequence of the re tender process there will be a number of service users for whom their care provider agency will change. As part of this process service users will be offered a review of their needs and access to support and guidance through the process. Many service users may transfer to a new provider and some may opt for a direct payment to allow them to remain with their current provider………

We understand that Direct Payments should be used to empower service users by allowing them control and choice over the services they use to meet their needs…..Is imposing Direct Payments on a vulnerable person so they can maintain continuity of care how this is supposed to work?…..

Of course not! …..It appears to us to be an illusion of choice and a travesty of empowerment.

If you are so inclined check out American psychologist Barry Schwartz’s take on this phenomenon in his “Paradox of Choice” presentation. Especially between 3.49 – 4.40


4 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 14 – Merry Dass-mess

  1. DASS has an innate skill in putting square pegs in round holes and following the Peters principle to the nth degree…and it is continuing with a vengeance.

  2. We all make errors but errors here are understandable they do not automatically and adversely affect thousands of people. Unlike in the Town Hall…Lord Wikileaks is an aristocrat playing like Lord Peter in the detective novels, and we all must hope to retain such typically English characters immortalized in literature whether from Sterne to Dorothy Sayers

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