Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 17 – Private Tapes,Public Interest

Well,well,well we wondered when the Wirralgate! story would start to unravel……



We understand that Burgesski is asking for copies of alleged tapes so that an investigation can take place whilst Power Boy Pip (who claims not to have heard said tape) is seeking legal advice on the matter – now that does sound interesting…………………..

However might we suggest that we dispense with the usual compromised investigations and just publish any allegedĀ  tapes on the Council website and let the Wirral public decide as to whether they do contain any slurs, smears or shenanigans which are worthy of concern………

From our observation tower we can only comment that if anything can be learned from history is that it’s not the original alleged (mis) deed that causes the major problems it’s how they are subsequently handled………

We shall be watching any further unravelling with interest.


3 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 17 – Private Tapes,Public Interest

  1. And I thought they just liked vases of flowers in the Town Hall,how wrong can I be,its to hide the microphones-who is the controller of the Stasi is it Frank Drebin?

  2. These are a set of bumbling buffoons, careering from one crisis to the next. When I worked at this council, the place was steeped in unchecked, unaddressed cultural backwardness. Seedy, cloying, sexist, racist – all that ignorant baggage that marks out the run of the mill basket case organisation that’s on a slow boat to nowhere. I’ve no reason to suspect that that’s changed since I resigned or since the LGA put up their most recent set of empty window dressing.

    The existence of this dodgy tape doesn’t surprise me one bit. Qualities such as these, if they can be called that, become badges of office, and invariably are held and treasured by those with their hands on the ’tiller’ until the time comes to share and hand them down to the “chosen ones” in the ranks, the best suitors to the corrupt throne.

    I think the twisted logic goes, “We’re the people with the power, and we have the public mandate. Therefore anything goes, because it must be right.”

  3. I myself am trying to retrieve a recording on an old mobile phone that allegedly points to the taking of bribes by council officers. Given the failure of “independent investigation” to produce any viable outcome, perhaps if I retrieve the recording I should relay it to wirralleaks as a wave file. Where “independent investigators” are told untruths by officers yet the Chief Executive trumpets forth assertions that “no council officers are guilty” we wonder how if he declare that when his administration cannot complete after 900 days a simple investigation. If the officers can stymie an investigation for so long how much more difficult it is for Grant Thornton to piursue wrong-doing by the officers themselves.

    Leave it to the judgement of the people is perhaps the best course?

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