Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 22 – Top Secret Santa

One Christmas present we apparently won’t be opening this year is the Secret Santa mystery box that is the Big Fund/ISUS/Working Neighbourhoods “investigation”

This case is like one of those maddening,infuriating puzzles like Candy Crush,a 3D jigsaw puzzle or perhaps why on gods green earth is that bellicose, belligerent, beefy beetroot-hued buffoon Foooksy  considered our future first citizen? – who conveniently for him and according to Wirral Council tradition will not have to stand for election next year – dontcha just lurve democracy?

There are so many characters,allegations and intrigue involved in this particular “clusterfuck” ( yes thank you Eldritch) that it makes our collective heads spin at Leaky Towers.

Hey guys – can we have a chronology?, a biography?, a spider diagram ? a diazepam?……or failing that it might be useful if someone sent us over that wav recording that is referred to in a previous reply -below-  ( Verity will know what you’re talking about – this interweb nonsense is akin to witchcraft as far as I’m concerned) :

“I myself am trying to retrieve a recording on an old mobile phone that allegedly points to the taking of bribes by council officers. Given the failure of “independent investigation” to produce any viable outcome, perhaps if I retrieve the recording I should relay it to wirralleaks as a wave (sic) file. Where “independent investigators” are told untruths by officers yet the Chief Executive trumpets forth assertions that “no council officers are guilty” we wonder how if he declare that when his administration cannot complete after 900 days a simple investigation. If the officers can stymie an investigation for so long how much more difficult it is for Grant Thornton to pursue wrong-doing by the officers themselves…..Leave it to the judgement of the people is perhaps the best course?”

We can only hope that Secret Santa empties his sack soon as it’s about time this case came to a climax….

Lord Leaky


1 thought on “Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 22 – Top Secret Santa

  1. The tape you can have when retrieve it as we wait for an old data cable ordered from, Amazon. We don’t want to disappoint but the phone is old, we have an absolute assertion that the recording was made and what was on it, but we cannot yet verify that it has survived six years.

    On ISUS what I can clarify is that it is probable that restitution of a very considerable amount of erdf money will be the outcome. When that crystallizes the observer should multiply the figure by 3 -the Working Neighbourhoods and Council contribution each being one third of the project- in order to understand the loss involved in the project that lasted two years and three months, If erdf demand say, £250k out of their published contribution of £880k that would mean they cautiously believe 250/880 of the project was wrong, and the loss would be £750,000.

    The erdf does not go back before autumn 2009 but should the same statistical conclusions apply then we are talking telephone numbers of loss.

    Oh and Merry Christmas to all of you at Leaky Towers

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