The Christmas Sprout Effect : History Repeats Itself

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As I find myself languidly draped on the chaise longue digesting the rich festive fayre I also find time to digest the information that came Wirral Leaks way concerning events that occurred on Christmas Eve.

And one finds oneself musing that rather like Christmas dinner sprouts that not only does history repeat itself ……it stinks to high heaven.

In this particular case we refer to a letter from Cllr Power Boy Pip Davies sent to Tory leader Cllr. Jefferson Green about Wirralgate! exclusively posted on John Brace’s ever informative blog : CLICK HERE

PB Pip promises that he  will also copy his response to Cllr. Green to all Members and ask for it to be published as an appendix to the Council minutes. Now we don’t know about you good people but we were soon gripped with an overwhelming sense of deja vu and were specifically reminded of events from Christmas Eve 2012 when Comrade Burgesski made the following press statement :

“At around 2.00pm today, Christmas Eve, I had delivered to David Green, the preliminary investigation into the Audit Commission’s report on the Colas Contract on Wirral Highways.

“On the advice of the Investigator, Richard Penn, to the-then Acting Chief Executive, Ian Coleman, David Green was suspended. Mr Penn finds no case to answer and I have therefore told David Green to return to work on the week beginning 7 January 2013.

“Under the Council’s policy of transparency I would have wished to have published the report today. That is physically impossible with staff already having left for the Christmas break. I shall issue the report to the public on the first day the Council returns to work – namely 27 December 2012 – and it will be published on the Council’s Website.”

As we all know by now Dave “BoyOhBoy” Green never did return to work and despite being exactly one year apart we understand that curiously these Christmas Eve missives are not unconnected…….

Power Boy Pip goes on to comment in his letter to Cllr Green:

“We have discussed the issue of improving the culture of this Council and I believe that both myself as Leader, and you as Leader of the Opposition have a crucial role to play in this. I have stated publicly, at Improvement Board and elsewhere, that the number one priority for this Council over the coming months must be to address this once and for all……”
And indeed it will be interesting to see how the Wirralgate! case unravels over the forthcoming year. We anticipate that based on the obfuscation,evasion and disinformation contained within Power Boy Pip’s letter that a public announcement will be made on Christmas Eve 2014 inevitably stating that “there is no case to answer.”

The problem facing the Wirral Council power elite is that the Wirralgate! tapes have un-spooled messily out of their control and no matter how much they attempt to rewind them we predict the tapes will gradually entangle all those who try to smooth them out…. and rather like the ghosts of Xmas past, come back to haunt all those involved.

Another indication that “improving the culture” of this Council is likely to be a lost cause is based on another heart-warming Christmas Eve story :

“In reference to your post about control room staff working over the Christmas period I thought you would like to know that the kind-hearted CCTV and Community Patrol Manager gave the staff a very special bonus on Christmas Eve to boost the depleted staff morale for the festive stint, a neatly wrapped with a big bow on it – redundancy notice letter. Strange he didn’t get one himself not exactly going down with his ship,neither his four Community Patrol Operations Managers (very grand title they gave themselves), more chiefs than Indians as is the council way……”

Might we humbly suggest that if Power Boy and co truly want to improve the culture of Wirral Council that one of the many things they need to do is desist from hiring ex-coppers,ex- fire service and ex-local government officers who having already secured their pensions elsewhere are quite happy to do the dirty and take the bread and butter away from their colleagues just so they can have the jam……..


1 thought on “The Christmas Sprout Effect : History Repeats Itself

  1. I wonder who exactly carried out this “independent” investigation? Time to lodge an FoI request. See you next year (or the year after).

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