The Deserving and Undeserving

Following the “The Leakys” the glittering awards season continues apace with Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs Awards 2013.

Leakers may be interested to know that Wirral Leaks regular Stella Shiu wins the award  for “Femme Fatale of the Year”  triumphing against some stiff local competition.


Needless to say Wirral gets a (dis)honourable mention in the Open Government Award section for their resistance to having Council meetings recorded or filmed and having observed some of their  Councillors and Council Officers in action we fully understand their reluctance !


However some Councillors are not so reluctant to be photographed whilst not performing their public duties and recently there have been some interesting postings on social network sites of local Councillors in more informal situations.

Oh look there’s the Labour inner circle letting their hair down in Houlihans (except Cllr.Norbury obviously) – here’s wacky funster Cllr Harry Smith (not to be confused with his like-minded namesake from Seamer Parish Council) trying to stick a bottle of Budweiser up his nose and here’s cuddly Cllr.Salter and oh look is that “Chummy Jimmy” Crabtree with his arm casually draped over George “Wingman” Davies’s shoulder?  And who is that token female in the centre of the picture? Could she be the one responsible for the Liz Hurley-Shane Warne style makeover of Foxy Foulksey – that handsome devil in the pink v-neck?

Indeed there are a series of recent pictures of Foulksey which scream : “Recession ? What Recession ?”

Yes, whilst the axe is being sharpened for WBC staff it’s nice to see Wirral’s future first citizen enjoying the champagne socialist high life, replete with ill advised shirts that scream ‘mid -life crisis? What mid-life crisis? ‘ and the sort of self satisfied smirk that makes George Osborne seem positively humble.

For those brave enough , you may want to track down a recently posted spot of “facebragging”  which sees a topless moob-tastic Foulksey resplendent in his snazzy mirror shades atop the deck of a cruise ship making out like he’s Simon Le Bon in the “Rio” video. Or perhaps as he strives to be Wirral’s “Top Gun” despite scandals and votes of no confidence maybe he rather fancies himself as a slightly beefier version of United States Naval Aviator Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell?

However our favourite picture is the one with the matching monochrome outfits. There’s Foulksey and partner at an illustrious gathering all scrubbed up in his tux and dickie bow – his face not so much smiling as making a cry for help somewhat akin to  Munch’s “The Scream”

But then you know what they say : ” It takes a strong man to pull off a dickie….”


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