Wirral Council And The Chamber of Secrets


See story HERE

And when stories such as this break, our local MPS are ALL magicians… they vanish!  If only they could offer the electorate some hope..a chink of light perhaps …..

6 thoughts on “Wirral Council And The Chamber of Secrets

  1. will they answer the question? Was £48k paid out to this senior officer who then “wanted” it dealt with “confidentially?

    Rate-paters money should not be spent salving the reputation of senior Labour councillors in any circumstance. Do we have to vote in the Monster Raving Looney Party to clean this up?

    I would be induced to keep it confidential were £48k offered me tax-free. More and more liker Atlantic City of Boardwalk empire series.

    • Wrong case, this one is about “inappropriate language” and an allegation of a campaign to smear a political opponent – The other was about ‘hurt feelings’ allegedly.

      • I do get confused as we are all left guessing.

        Who weaves the golden thread?

        The name is Bumperpayoffs, no Bumpersalaryscale , Lumpyscalyskin or thickskin no its Rumpelstiltskin!!

  2. Ha, what with twelve or more scandals every week, it’s difficult to keep track. We’re bound to get ’em mixed up now and again….

    Good job we’ve got Wirral Leaks keeping a shiny monocle on it all eh, citizens of Wirral? Lord Leaky, whoever and wherever you are…… keep up the WONDERFUL work.

    Totally spiffing !

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