Patrolling the Public Servants

Wirral Council Managers enjoying the hospitality at the opening of Atlas Fire & Security's new offices....

Wirral Council Managers enjoying the hospitality at the opening of Atlas Fire & Security’s new offices….

We’ve been advised of “another worrying development within Wirral Council”.

Should we be worried ? – We will let you good people decide:

Atlas Fire and Security are a local intruder and fire alarm maintenance and installation company. The director is John Piggott. It is alleged that John Piggott has a long standing personal relationship with some Wirral Council officers including the Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment, Kevin “Addled” Adderley , Community Patrol and Control Room Manager John “Johnno” Kenny and Community Patrol Operations Manager Michael “Micky” Collins.  As evidenced here on the Atlas website, Kevin Adderley, John Kenny and another senior officer within the Community Safety Team, Ian Lowrie, are pictured at the opening of Atlas’ new office building.

This may be true but as long as all those declaration and conflict of interest forms have been filled in – there shouldn’t be a problem should there?…. 

We are further informed that Atlas currently holds the maintenance contracts for all Wirral schools and a large number of other Wirral Council buildings.

The Wirral Council Emergency Central Control Room (ECCR)  is due to close on 31st March this year due to a budget savings option. One of the duties of the ECCR officers is to monitor alarms for 440+ Wirral Council buildings and schools. We are informed that in October 2013 Community Patrol and Control Room Manager John Kenny is said to have authorised a full list of sites currently monitored by the control room to be emailed to Adam Piggott, John Piggott’s son. This was ostensibly to allow Atlas to return the database with all the sites maintained by Atlas Fire and Security marked as such. However it is suggested that as there are a significant number of sites maintained by other alarm maintenance companies that such a database backup could be considered commercially sensitive.

Although we understand, there has been no budget savings option published in relation to Wirral Community Patrol staff have been told there will be a reduction in staffing numbers in the current financial year, which has been authorised by Chief Executive Comrade Grayhamovoff Burgesski.

However it is interesting to note that on the 6th November 2013 John Piggott incorporated a new company Wirral Community Patrol Limited as evidenced here and an extract of the incorporation document here. With the current trend of outsourcing services currently being pursued by Wirral Council it makes you wonder if Mr Piggott knows something that everyone else doesn’t. If so I think we should be told   …..

Under the circumstances we are sure that Streetscene Maestro Cllr  Harry “Crisp Packet” Smith will want to offer reassurance and publicly state to elected members, council staff and the Wirral public that everything is open and transparent with regard to future proposals for Wirral Community Patrol.


1 thought on “Patrolling the Public Servants

  1. After the BIG fiasco Executive summary was published the officer largely responsible for its operation was moved to Commercial Waste operations for WBC. After 20 years “experience” in small business grants to be moved to Waste operations? Irony , irony all is irony!

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