“Wirralgate” – Louder Than Bombs


“Wirralgate* you say ?”  A clearly delighted Power Boy Pip can’t hide his unbridled joy as he proudly shows off his brand spanking new corporate SHA – “selective hearing aid/”  [*© Lord & Lady Leaks.]

 We are exceedingly pleased that our exclusive tale of yet more shadowy goings on from September 2013 titled “Wirralgate!”  https://wirralleaks.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/exclusive-wirralgate/ has captured the public imagination and that the secret recordings we referred to, are according to the Wirral Globe , “now dubbed “Wirralgate” by council wags”. See Wirral Globe HERE

Of course avid Leaky fans will have been following the story for months – whilst we’ve been following the Council’s denials, obfuscations and what is turning out to be, even by their dismal standards, a particularly convoluted and clumsy cover up.

Wirral Leaks followers will also recall that the recent Leaky Awards included the Quote of the Year –No evidence was made available to the investigation to substantiate a serious allegation regarding inappropriate language” – Wirral Council Leader Power Boy Pip Davies.


But wait!  As now it appears that Power Boy Pip was indeed “played an excerpt of the recording”  and that “an adverse comment (was) made by the senior member” of the Labour group !!!

Well knock me down with copy of the Council’s Code of Conduct !!!

So according to Pip the Wirralgate! tapes have gone from an “unsubstantiated rumour” to “inaudible” to him admitting that he was indeed “played an excerpt.”

 What would be interesting to discover is whether there was a recording of the Council Leader listening to the Wirralgate! tape and what was his response when he heard it !!!…………….

We have to say we have a keen interest in this particular story because we believe it represents everything that is STILL wrong with Wirral Council and therefore, in the name of the public interest, needs to be FULLY EXPOSED.

Accordingly we were praying for the whole thing to blow sky high sooner rather than later but we must say there is a morbid fascination in watching the Council’s contortions as they try and slither and writhe out of this entanglement of taped recordings like a rattlesnake shedding it’s skin.

For example there were paroxysms of laughter here at Leaky Towers when we read the reference to “an adverse comment”.

Now we don’t know what Reputation Management Guru came up with that master class in minimisation and  f**kwittery but knowing what we know might we suggest that they’ve got their work cut out to finesse this story out of the sight and sound of the Wirral public…..


4 thoughts on ““Wirralgate” – Louder Than Bombs

  1. They’re coming, I hear the drone of bombers , sound the air raid warning and get down the staircase to the shelters!

  2. Maybe they’ll HEAR the voters in May, as they stampede away from the old, crooked abusers into the arms of a new, brighter, fresher, crooked abuser.

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