No News From Nowhere

"You gotsa make me look good see. Or it wont just be the advertising we cut "

“You gottsa make me look good see. Or it wont just be the advertising we cut “

Leaky Towers has been alerted several times by readers wondering why oh why the endless stories of scandal and intrigue and spectacular fuck ups emanating from Brighton Street curiously appeared to dry up in the pages of the Wirral News a few months ago. Questions were even asked of the good scribes at Trinity Mirror, the publishers who also own the Liverpool Echo (and the now defunct Daily Post), but answers came there none.

But last week when the rag was relaunched with an exciting (copyright: Trinity Mirror) new look, Eldritch, always keen to see who’s died lately and to catch up on the bowling results, eagerly pounced on his newly-stapled copy to see what lay within. His verdict: “Virtually bloody nothing – apart from adverts and council press releases!

This week’s effort seems no better either with page after page after pisspoor page chocabloc with press releases about lots and lots of yet more council services and council initiatives….. but why no critical council news in the News? Could it be that after Communities Minister Eric “Pass the wild boar and don’t, whatever you do, cheat on the veg” Pickles finally got his bill through banning Pravda-style council newsletters this week, that WBC has simply taken over the pages of the Wirral News for free instead?

The new look, er, News, does however feature a page every week on which Wirral’s four MPs get to expound on what they’ve been up to on your behalf, which seems a little strange as, without properly telling its readers, it has actually scrapped home deliveries to Wallasey, New Brighton, Bromborough and Bebington, meaning that the sermons from Angela Eagle (Wallasey) and Alison McGovern (Wirral South) will only be able to be accessed online or from a smattering of outlets where you can pick up a copy of the paper should you want one (we won’t, sniff – although we may ask Eldritch to fetch one when he does our weekly big shop).

For those old enough to remember (and I wouldn’t deign to commit to the extent of Her Ladyship’s years) this means the sad final burial of the once revered, Bebington News and Wallasey News.

It appears since the New Year the Wirral News has chopped about a third of its deliveries, around 30,000 of them!! and replaced them with about 4,000 copies to be left in supermarkets (obviously can’t be bothered even delivering that small amount any more) and judging from the endless plugs for the Echo in among the council press releases in the copies that remain, Trinity Mirror now expect you to PAY for your council scandal updates by buying the Echo instead!

Trebles all round for Trinity Mirror and WBC!


2 thoughts on “No News From Nowhere

  1. does the ban on Pravda include “the Edge” from Egerton House as subsidised by BIG-improperly-and carrying banners for the council?

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