Flashbacks & Updates

Picture Puzzle


We have been sent the abvove picture with the rather cryptic message ” Who are this pugnacious bunch (oh and Chris Eubank) and why is this picture seemingly no longer available on the internet?”

Answers to wirralleaks@gmail.com

 On Patrol & On The Ropes

We’ve been informed that the remaining 3 staff in the Wirral Council control room have now been offered the chance to stay on after the March 31st cut off date due to senior officers not having a Mr.Magoo what operations are actually carried out in their own departments, even after they were informed by the soon to be stitched up eleven experienced staff members they haven’t got anything in place out of hours if they close the OUT OF HOURS control room.  We kind of thought the title rather gives it away but clearly, it was a bit ambiguous for those making the decisions.

We also understand the prize for this reprieve would be a pay grade drop and a new shift pattern for a job the self -serving management gurus deemed redundant on the 18th December 2013.

We understand these options weren’t available to the eleven staff members before being forced out of their positions.  Was this the Council’s duplicitous plan all along?  “Just stop whining about a reduction in pay and conditions and just be grateful you’ve got a job?” .And where were the union reps when this tawdry arrangement was made?  Exactly!  – exiting stage left (pun intended) with a nice little redundancy package of their own.

 Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

Our thanks to Her Ladyship who wittily hinted in a previous article that the contractor taking over the Council’s Highways contract from Colas sounded like a professional wrestler – BAM Nuttall (geddit?).

 Left Hand Meet Right Hand

And so on to a cancelled meeting arranged to discuss the fact that the Council are “minded” to close Lyndale School (that usually means they’ve already “made their mind up”).  The cancellation was allegedly due to the Council failing to abide by its own constitution – a course of action which drew the following comment from one parent, Christine Woodland whose seven year old son Alex attends the school, who said she was “not surprised” at the blunder.

“The whole thing has been frustrating, but it doesn’t shock me that they have done this – it is Wirral Borough Council after all.”

Christine Woodland – we salute you!  , we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Joe Blott, Wirral Council’s Strategic Director for Transformation and Resources is seemingly responsible for addressing this latest debacle but judging by his attempt to constrain the Wirralgate investigation to the narrow issue of “an inappropriate comment” we’d advise Ms.Woodland and

Co not to be overly optimistic that openness and transparency will prevail.


 It Couldn’t Happen Here…or could it?

Another day, another useless document whose main purpose seems to be how many times the word “robust” can be interspersed between the tedious platitudes.  This time the document in question is  “The Implication of the Francis Report for Wirral” produced by Wirral Council’s Families & Wellbeing Policy and Performance Committee

Those familiar with the Francis Report will know that this was a highly damning report into the abuse and neglect of patients at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital.

This review document is most notable for its absolute determination NOT to use the W word.

The fact that the Mid-Staffs scandal was exposed by WHISTLEBLOWERS is of course studiously ignored, which may have something to with the fact that two of the Councillors involved in the review were Moira McLaughlin and Denise Roberts.

The fact that they would like to think that there are ROBUST processes in place to ensure that Mid-Staffs couldn’t happen on Wirral is not in the least bit reassuring when you consider the pair of them did their utmost to ensure that the abuses identified in the AKA  Independent Review would never see the light of day.

 Nokia Down

Talking of whistleblowing, we have been privy to a series of emails about the BIG/ISUS/Working Neighbourhoods case sent to all 66 Councillors.

Once again, this is a case that would not be out of place in an espionage novel – there is the reference to the acquisition of Nokia phone records and unpublished reports and the police, auditors and “pretend friends.”

Indeed, it must be said these emails can be said to make up for in detailed information what they lack in deference to Councillors and Council Officers.

Certainly, our esteemed elected members cannot claim they weren’t told about the multitude of questions and concerns this case raises.



6 thoughts on “Flashbacks & Updates

  1. G’day

    The (unconfirmed) rumour is the Nokia and numerous pen drives (100+) with Big, ISUS, Working Neighbourhoods evidence will be available to all and sundry on APRIL FOOLS DAY exactly 1001 days since the whistle was blown to Adderley and Basnett. The meeting the whistle blower was told no Big Fund recipient had gone bad. Believe that and my fellow whistle blower would believe his pretend friend.


    James Griffiths

  2. Thank heavens for bloggers.

    The latest Audit and risk committee minutes make no mention of what was then known to Internal auditors and to Grant Thornton, that they had been led on a wild goose chase for critical data that nestled comfortably all the time in Invest Wirral. A rather surprising ommission since it is probable that this misinformation was a deliberate falsehood costing cash and time and delaying justice.

    Now if Grant Thornton cannot force the production of the most critical of data from Invest Wirral/Regeneration department, then how can the Chief Executive claim no officers are guilty of malpractice. If officers mislead then Grant Thornton struggle to nab the prime suspect let alone nabbing their “willing accomplices”. Altogether too smug these statements emanating from the Council, and indeed too keen to clear themselves rather than to obtain clean , swift justice.

    Through these schemes approx £10m-£12m of our monies flowed in fees and in grants-the fees being at least double, sometimes treble the grants, and yet the Council does not seek justice for the rate-payer?

  3. In a properly fair and democratic country, there’d be zero tolerance of bent public officials. Wirral’s generous contingent of crooked lackeys would be sacked or staring out at us by now from behind bars.

    But instead, the reality’s very different. It’s become a totalitarian hell hole. From Canary Wharf bankers working with £billions, right down to miserable Brighton Street bureaucrats, stuffing their pockets, there is no deterrent, and it’s, “grab it while you can.”

  4. I am not into obfuscation so let me explain what is purported repeatedly by the owner of the Nokia phone.

    The phone may still retain a recording of a phone conversation where a supervisor of the working Neighbourhoods project relates that his partner supervisor is taking money from the subcontractor.

    Further an observer of cashing up at the subcontractor has related how there would be an extra envelope for £250 for “you know who, ahem ahem” weekly. This is what was told me directly.

    Mayhap the wbc officer was making a joke in very poor taste. Mayhap the extra envelope went to someone deserving. Mayhap the absolute mockery of regeneration work was not the outcome of an officer turning a blind eye.Mayhap the owner of the phone did not deliberately for 5 years retain any such recording .

    We may never know since the phone has to be unlocked and experts have told me the nearest place is the Nokia dealership in Warrington Cheshire Oaks.

    What we will have in March 2014 is the report from Department of Local Government and Communities into the 2.5 years of a 6.5 year contract(s). Then as the BIG Report slammed procedures re that grant, we will also know of the ISUS project . For the Grant thornton report into ISUS has remained secret for 11 months now. I do know what the DCLG report is to contain and it will not be deferential to WBC…unless politicians get to scupper it.

  5. And I should add here that the missing “crm” database was supposed by contract-an 80 page one-to be retained by Wirral BC until 2025

    From the contract NWDA/WBC Sept 2009:-

    LA monitoring and Evaluation Plan for BSU phase 2

    “other ERDF requirements include …and retention of all original documernts relating to the Project and its implementation and financing until 31 December 2025”

    1.4 Record Keeping/ Verification

    The Partner (WBC) will also be expected to ….keep adequate records (eg CRM database evidence)

    1.5 Risk and Management

    The Partners (here WBC) are responsible for the Project Management of their element of the programme on a day-to-day basis.

    The failure by WBC to provide the CRM database evidence MUST be highlighted in any report as having crippled the Grant Thornton investigation and cost the taxpayer money and delayed justice

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