What Money Can’t Buy

2CYNICSInevitably the good folk of Fernbank Farm have been turfed out of their stables by the callous cynics of Wirral Council looking to make a quick buck. A judge has ruled that the Council can repossess ten acres of grazing land – worth around £5m.


Attending the court hearing where this decision was made were representatives of Upton Park Pony Owner’s Association supported by their McKenzie Friend Councillor Ian Lewis ( A McKenzie friend assists a litigant in person in a common law court).They were up against the seemingly unlimited legal and financial resources available to Wirral Council.

Whilst the Council presented a valid reasoned argument that , in such financially constrained times , they were acting in the best interest of taxpayers by taking possession of land which they can flog off for building development or a crazy golf course, their *innocent face* approach was somewhat undermined by the  underhand way in which they seem to have treated the tenants of Fernbank Farm.

Indeed the actions of Council Officers led Cllr.Lewis to make the following statement:

“On days like today, I am ashamed to be a councillor for an authority that is so dysfunctional and seemingly out of control.

“The pony owners and local residents have been deliberately kept in the dark by senior managers, who appear to think they are unaccountable….”

Seemingly even the prospect giving their evidence under oath did not deter from Council Officers carrying on with their well-worn ways.
But then it would appear that everything is a commodity to these town hall tyrants , be it ponies,property or people , and what’s more they have the luxury of using public money to get what they want or get out of jail free.
The gags,the pay-offs,the expensive legal advice and the relentless abuse of power.
However we can’t help thinking that for the morally bankrupt there will always be some things that money can’t buy – HONESTY,INTEGRITY & CREDIBILITY…..
Gird your loins Lyndale School campaigners  – you’re sitting on a potential capital asset….

3 thoughts on “What Money Can’t Buy

  1. Recent blogs by John Brace have indicated that a certain David Dickinson was instruct by ‘Spiny’Norman just before his golden Exit,to down grade the facility as ‘cheap as chips’.
    So that is Dickinson’s Real Deal!

    • No, David Dickinson was getting instructions from Tony Simpson. Bill Norman’s letter saying they would renew the lease was the opposite to what David Dickinson was doing on the instructions of Tony Simpson.

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