Only Following Orders


No not THAT Bobbydazzler!

The fallout from the Fernbank Farm fiasco continues with campaigners Carol Kane and Val Woodley getting further support from Cllr.Ian Lewis with their case.

This has just included an appearance on Radio Merseyside.

What interests us here at Leaky Towers is their court case which is covered in forensic detail on the ever vigilant John Brace’s blog

Of course  the devil is in the detail  and we were particularly drawn to the testimony of one David Dickinson (yes the poor guy has no doubt had a gutful of “cheap as chips ” quips but as you know we like to refrain from such juvenile jibes.This is a better class of blog – well until Eldritch returns from his stay at one of Her Majesty’s hostelries anyway).

This particular David Dickinson describes himself, not as a perma-tanned furniture fondler , but as working in “asset management as a surveyor for Wirral Council”.

To which Lady W retorted: ” I have suffered many indignities in my life but I must be eternally grateful that I have never been stuck on the landing at a party with someone who describes themselves as an asset management surveyor for Wirral Council “.

The part of his testimony which had us in turn shaking our heads in disbelief and then nodding our heads in recognition was the craven Eichmann defence detailed here on John Brace’s blog :

Only following orders –

A defendant asked why the lease was terminated before the policy was changed? David Dickinson replied that that was what he was instructed to do. District Judge Woodburn pointed out that it had already gone through that and that David Dickinson had been instructed to do so by Tony Simpson……………………..

District Judge Woodburn asked if David Dickinson had been told not to engage in discussions with the defendants between November 2012 and May 2013? David Dickinson replied yes and that he was told not to agree to new terms. District Judge Woodburn asked if he was told not to engage in discussions? David Dickinson replied yes, but that he had to answer the phone. District Judge Woodburn said that if nothing happened by May 2013 then Wirral Council would get a windfall?

Now David Dickinson might be a very nice guy and do wacky stuff for Comic Relief and be kind to animals (although perhaps not ponies) but we have to say his responses in open court  are representative of a particular mindset which seems to afflict the culture of Wirral Council.

As we have witnessed from the series of well -publicised scandals there has been a dishonourable roll call of Wirral Council staff who swear blind obedience to their bosses even when what they are being asked to do is simply wrong ( not to mention the cases detailed on this blog which are unlawful ,unethical or immoral).

What is the motivation to act in such a way – fear? or to find favour?

Either way we believe the notion of public service is subverted once again by people who’s “loyalty” is to the Council and not to the people they are meant to serve.



8 thoughts on “Only Following Orders

  1. Eichmann never attended the Nuremberg trials although he did first come to the public’s attention in that Palais de Justice. Certain organizations such as the German General Staff , the SS , the NSDAP or the RHSA were also arraigned as criminal. Now 66 years later whether to accept AKA report as such an arraignment of WBC, is a good question.After all the features are there… the attempts to curry favour with superiors or to allay the fear of losing promotion or even job were present as much in the NSDAP as they have been in quangos and governmental bodies currently whether it be the “Care Quality Commission” or the Attorney -General advising on the legality of a war on Iraq.

    No seriously….

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  3. When I was at Wirral Council, back in 2003, it was a marginally better place. But by the time I arrived at #QuackCWaC in 2004, the phrase “Business Needs” was being bandied around as the dominant ethos.

    But hey, that’s “public service” for you. It’s populated by drones, clones and wannabes, serving “Business Needs” by day and watching Dragons Den by night.

    And if you don’t fit in, you’re targetted and forced out. And before you know it, all forces for good have GONE. It’s only the David Dickinsons of this world that remain, bending to the will of their crooked masters, and ultimately the place spirals down into chaos and abuse before disappearing up its own sphincter.

  4. I’ve just noticed a slight typo in which I write “District Judge Woodburn pointed out that it had already gone through that and that David Dickinson had been instructed to do so by Tony Simpson” should read “District Judge Woodburn pointed out that he had already gone through that and that David Dickinson had been instructed to do so by Tony Simpson”

    Maybe it’s a Freudian slip as I seem to have referred to Wirral Council’s expert witness/employee/asset management surveyor as an inanimate object (which seems the be the way some employees are treated by some of Wirral Council’s managers).

  5. “As we have witnessed from the series of well -publicised scandals there has been a dishonourable roll call of Wirral Council staff who swear blind obedience to their bosses even when what they are being asked to do is simply wrong ( not to mention the cases detailed on this blog which are unlawful ,unethical or immoral).”

    Did I hear you mention Invest Wirral?

  6. Moral relativism reminds me of a summer’s day called into a meeting with Invest Wirral about a company , refused BIG by myself on the reasonable ground of a £60,000 net deficit in its recent and latest accounts signed by the director himself.

    An acolyte, and future subcontractor to Invest Wirral, slyly brought the ball back into play with a

    “there’s Insolvency and there’s insolvency”

    and after some to and fro of this ball the idea was firmly established and the acolyte proceeded to spend double the allowed fee ( by Cabinet instructions) in order to feed £20k of our money to a firm where a member of Invest Wirral had a childhood friend in an influentual position, This was kept secret from myself and it was the bottle of champagne that appeared at reception signed by the director with thanks to the acolyte that alerted me months later,

    Grant Thornton outlined the irregularity of this application within its report.

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