Wirral Leaks – Updates & Lowdowns


Curse of Pip

Is it just us or does the hapless Power Boy Pip (Phil Davies)  seem to reel from one PR fail to the next? For example after hosting a reception at Wallasey Town Hall to celebrate Tranmere Rovers unofficial role as ambassadors of Wirral SEE HERE  their Manager Ronnie Moore then goes and gets himself suspended and an investigation ordered into potential breach of betting rules. SEE HERE

Foul Play

According to former Wirral Council Supremo Steve Maddox all that the people of Wirral were concerned about was dog crap – which considering the trail of crap he left behind he should be thankful he escaped with a pooper scooper full of filthy lucre ( try saying that after a Campari & soda!)

So if Councillors find themselves inundated with irate members of the public complaining about dog crap they only have themselves to blame for it has been reported to us that in the Council control room (which is just about still open for business) two former staff remain assisted by 2 Community Patrol Officers and 1 Dog Fouling Officer – the latter of whom brings a whole new meaning to the expression “it’s a crap job but somebody’s got to do it!”

What’s more if there are absences or holidays we understand that these are covered by Community Patrol Operations Managers on shift or OVERTIME. Thereby proving that it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good even if defeats the Councils attempts make savings! This arrangement has been extended to later in the year which must surely bring into question how this affects the previous nine officers who have been notified they were being made redundant as from the 31st March 2014 and which was agreed by the Cabinet and full Council.

Furthermore this also brings into question the amount of money saved from the budget if the redundant positions continue further into the financial year along with paying higher paid staff (Community Patrol Operations Managers) to cover shifts and overtime.

Indeed how can a postholder  be made redundant and yet their role still be carried out after the agreed termination date?

I think we should be told! – but then knowing what we know Councillors and union reps won’t ask the question and Wirral Council won’t give the answer!

Low Friends in High Places

We’ve been advised that Wirral Council’s Cabinet have agreed to “give” the Wirral Chamber of Commerce the Pacific Road theatre (at a ‘peppercorn’ rent).

What we’d like to know is who is funding the refurbishment!?!

Answers on a postcard – although there are no prizes for guessing!
Please remember to include the secret password “nepotism” on your entry.

7 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks – Updates & Lowdowns

  1. What we’d like to know is who is funding the refurbishment!?!

    The inestimable John Brace provides a link to the cashflow furnished for this purpose and published on the Council website.

    They don’t estimate that profit-sharing will give WBC much revenue , nor will peppercorn rent, but with connexions to erdf funding (probably COE Wirral Chamber’s hubby), why not risk another million of someone else’s money. There will be a salary in it especially if WBC wants nothing!

  2. Am I missing something here? Where are all the original staff who were told they are finishing on 31st March gone? Have they been redeployed?



    Potential funders:

    Spotty Blue Teapot

    Completion Date: April 2011
    Source of Funding: RDPE Programme 2007- 2013
    Amount: £26,225
    Companies Website: http://www.thespottyblueteapot.co.uk/

    Project Description
    RDPE funding was used to help establish a children’s healthy-eating tearoom which sells carefully selected complimentary products and artisan gifts, integrated craft area and internet café/e-learning facility.
    The funding helped create a new VAT registered business along with 3 full time jobs.


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