To Have and Have Not

Readers will note from our last report ( Low Friends in High Places) the news that the Pacific Road Theatre has come into the clutches of the ever open hands of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce ( CEO : Paula Basnett).

As ever our source was er, “on the money” when it came to the peppercorn rent arrangement and the refurbishment costs being met by Wirral Council.

This is described as “The town hall will enter into a lease arrangement with the Chamber allowing it to “draw down” funding to pay for conversion work….”

A report in Wirral Globe HERE is littered with such amusing doublespeak.

Ms.Basnett trills in the same report : “This will bring not only significant opportunities for new and existing businesses to develop, but also be a conduit for employment creation.”

Won’t it just ! – jobs for the boys and girls in “the gang” – especially when we understand that Wirral Chamber of Commerce are also the lucky recipient of a ERDF grant and what we’d like to know is whether a certain Mark Basnett was involved in determining this grant and whether he is in any way related to Paula Basnett

One can’t help comparing and contrasting the treatment of the folks from Fernbank Farm.

Were the Upton Park Pony Owners Association ever given the opportunity to develop the land at Fernbank Farm as a community asset?

Were they ever given the opportunity to “draw down” money from the Council to repair and refurbish the stables?

Were they ever the recipient of a substantial European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant?

And we certainly can’t imagine any Council Manager being instructed not to enter into discussion with their extremely well connected former colleague Paula Basnett!!!!

7 thoughts on “To Have and Have Not

  1. Lord Wirralleaks

    I find myself compelled to answer this as though I heard the sirens song.

    A noted member of WBC’s legal fraternity once advised me “to desist from juxtaposing facts from which an undesirable inference could be drawn to the detriment of Council officers” and it has become a hobby of mine ever since.

    ISUS…Invest Wirral,,,”crm” database…deny having it to Grant thornton….Crm database at Invest Wirral…given to ERDF auditor one year letter

    Perhaps you may join the dots by inference?

  2. G’day

    I blew the whistle on Wirral Biz to Invest Wirral (PACIFIC THEATRE by any other name) on 5 July 2011. (Almost 1,000 days ago.)

    I was told no Big Fund recipient had gone bad.

    Wrong. Grant Thornton found six out of six files had errors. (I bet the other 20, 30, 40, or, more files (Spotty what) are never investigated.)

    I was asked what I knew about forged signatures.

    I knew nothing………… they obviously did.

    Almost 100 incorrect tax returns.

    Yet nobody has been taken to account.

    I was totally ignored and humiliated (for almost 1,000 days) and I will haunt these barstards forever. (Or, until someone does the right thing or passes on.)

    The other whistle blower’s pretend friend only cares that he has an audit trail (£50,000.00 of Wirral taxpayers money) regarding his involvement…………….. poor fool.


    • Steady on WB1. I WB2 say that Adrian Jones is not in this gang, he is my friend, and that the labrynthine processes of WBC have been exploited by officers to apply brakes to the investigation. Remember that councillors are reliant on officers; D Garry replied to my suggestion that a Cabinet Member , AJ, wanted him to speed up the investigation with a “so what”. Councillors now have to lodge Freedom of Information requests to get at the truth {Leah Fraser and Ian Lewis).

      Adrian Jones is trying to do a very difficult job when he is past retirement age and whilst he has many personal interests and hobbies that he might alternatively pursue.

      We must pursue those with a pecuniary interest, “follow the money”, the pension entitlements and the reputations. AJ fits none of these.

  3. WB2

    All I can think to say to your comments with absolutely no ill feeling to your good self is that any friend of yours…….is a friend of yours.

    Anybody who has seen all the irrefutable evidence that you have dumped, the Grant Thornton Reports and has seen £50,000.00 of taxpayers money spent to prove guilt and is not screaming publicly for justice (almost 1,000 days later) is as guilty as those criminals down Campbelltown Road as far as I am concerned.

    If they have to do a Freedom of Information request to get answers it is definitely time to get administration in. What is the point of 66 councillors?

    I do not believe the person you mention (so what) is even a full time, permanent employee.

    I won’t even mention the Lyndale School vote and who voted which way and why.



    ps Happy Birthday

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