Welcome To The “Socialist” Republic of Merseyside


We meant to comment on the naming of a new “Super Council” in a more timely manner but we’ve been sidelined by other matters –  firstly there was Eldritch’s parole hearing and then we got rather excited when we heard there was breaking news about a Deputy Labour Leader involved in a smear campaign. Imagine our disappointment when we found out it only concerned dreary old Harriet Harman……

However it comes as no surprise to us that the “leaders” of Halton,Knowsley,Liverpool,St.Helens,Sefton and Wirral Councils couldn’t decide on a new name for the proposed new “Super Council” so government officials had to step in and name it Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, St.Helens, Sefton and Wirral Combined Authority or HKLSHSW Combined Authority for short – catchy huh?.

” Dearie me”…drawled her Ladyship “sounds like a Countdown contestant with a consonant fetish”.



Not only does it not augur  well for the future operation of  the “Super Council” when our “leaders” can’t agree on a name but the Liverpool Echo also reports “that according to sources, there were highly charged scenes at the last meeting of all six leaders when it became clear Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson is likely to be pipped to the post of chairman by Wirral council leader Phil Davies.”

Whilst “pipped to the post” has to be our favourite unintentional pun of the year both Echo articles hint at deeper divisions

A titty-lipped Mayor Joe ‘Angry’ Anderson is reported to have said : “I would hope that people would recognise that my leadership of the city region over the city region over the last three-and-a-half years has been fruitful, but other people – maybe for their own ends rather than the combined authority’s ends –thought otherwise.”

Meanwhile Liverpool Council’s Lib Dem leader Cllr Richard Kemp has written to Nick Clegg with talk of senior Labour “fighting like ferrets in a sack”. Clearly unhappy with the name of the Super Council and Power Boy Pip Davies’s elevation to Super Council Leader status he wrote: “With a pigs’ breakfast for a name and clear divisions at the very top of the body, I cannot begin to see how it might fulfil the roles of leadership which are desperately needed to bring jobs and prosperity to our region…I know that it is not your job any more than it is mine to comment on disagreements within the Labour Party. However these two facts make me very concerned about the viability of the combined authority.”

We can’t help feeling that some powerful individuals are pulling the strings for political ends and wanting to elevate Power Boy Pip to a position to which he is clearly not suitable.

We await confirmation of this appointment with interest. Meanwhile might we suggest that like many a “super-power” he needs to get his own house in order before he starts empire-building.

Neighbours eh ? Pfft !


5 thoughts on “Welcome To The “Socialist” Republic of Merseyside

  1. Is our Pip having his drab and tedious profile very deliberately, very cynically and very strategically E N H A N C E D in order to steal the vulnerable West Wirral seat from Esther McVey in May 2015?

    Let’s face it, he’s tried this before, her majority’s slim, Wirral West is a blue blob in a sea of red, the Lib Dem vote is set to evaporate, and who knows? Soon we could have not only McVey’s meteoric rise doing what meteors do i.e. crashing down to earth, and Steve Foulkes maybe, hanging up his mayoral robes and returning as leader of Wirral Council.

  2. My vote is for the Mersey combined authority, something catchy THE MCA nice & easy to remember & with Pip at the it can only be good for the area” NOT.”
    But no doubt Powerboy Pip will take his wheelbarrow to collect the extra cash for his elevated position.

  3. perhaps another femme fatale P Basnett rather, than as Oxton ward councillor? Or as did Von Papen who held the stirrups for Hitler, one or the other supporting such a bid. Perhaps the revelations soon to come of ISUS and BIG shenanigans may give us pause

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