Tread Softly …..


Had I the heaven’s embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

William Butler Yeats

Having pledged to protect the most vulnerable people on Wirral the Council seem to have the usual “abnormal” way of going about it. Saying goodnight to Moreton Day Centre, puncturing meals on wheels,enforcing a 22% Council Tax hike on unemployed people (compared to Liverpool Council’s 5% ).

It seems to us they much prefer to pretend they’re more big business than a public service and so we see representatives jetting off to China and helping to set up the plush offices of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile the pupils ,parents, carers and staff of Lyndale are fighting to keep Lyndale School open. Wirral Globe reported : ” The heart-wrenching pleas of parents and teaching staff of a Wirral special needs  were not enough to convince councillors who tonight backed plans to consult on the school’s closure.”


Following the meeting, Lyndale parent Zoe Anderson displaying a firm grasp of how Wirral Council conduct such matters told the Globe she was not surprised with the decision.

She said: “We have always believed it is a foregone conclusion but we are glad that we got to say our bit and give our opinions in public.

“We are also pleased that the concerns we had about the consultation being open and transparent have actually been received and reassurances given to ensure that is the case.”

And who exactly gave Ms.Anderson reassurances about openness and transparency?.
Why none other than the chair of the meeting – Councillor Steve Foulkes aka “Foulksey” – the former Leader of the Council whose commitment to openness and transparency is there for all to see in a series of damning reports ( well actually you can’t see because they’re redacted to incomprehensibility) but let’s just say there’s a good reason he was ousted from the leadership in a vote of no confidence.

However we have to say we have to admire the sheer gall of the future Mayor – as earlier in the meeting he expressed the hope that the forum wouldn’t be used for “political points scoring.”

Knowing what we know might we suggest that “Foulksey” needs to tread very,very carefully on the matter of “political points scoring” ….

And talking again of treading carefully you will notice in the picture of Lyndale School pupils and their supporters taken before the Council meeting published in the Globe that the stair treads behind them are bereft of carpets.

Indeed we hjave been reliably informed that the stairs,landing and round room are being re-carpeted at a not inconsiderable cost of £11,000**. How fortuitous that the ongoing gentrification of Wallasey Town Hall comes just in time for Foulksey’s  tenure as Mayor.

Meanwhile can we appeal to Councillors to carefully consider the consultation on the closure of Lyndale School to tread softly because they are treading on peoples dreams.

**UPDATE – According to the Globe the figure is even higher – over double our sources estimate in fact ? STORY HERE  –  Deep shag perhaps ? After all the resident’s and town hall footsoldiers of Wirral have been feeling screwed for years !

Wallasey councillor Leah Fraser said: “This must be some kind of joke” (and no, she wasn’t talking about Foukseys rent -a tent mayoral robes.)

“The council preaches austerity and belt-tightening for taxpayers, while at the same time squandering their hard-earned cash on sprucing up the town hall.“It is actually offensive.”

6 thoughts on “Tread Softly …..

  1. Foulksey might argue, “The budget wouldn’t stretch to Tabriz, so we went for 11,000 nicker’s worth of Fereghan Sarouk. We always tread softly lar…”

  2. It’s time to remind everyone of a worthy, high falutin’ statement that fell from the mouth of Comrade Burgesski not long after he’d pitched his poacher turned gamekeeper tent here on Wirral:

    “We therefore need to spend less on ourselves to help mitigate the impact of the cuts on our most vulnerable residents.”

    Not much evidence of that load of bollocks ever holding fast, and making it into policy.

    Words are very, very cheap. And I think he knows that.

  3. G’day

    I am going to keep repeating it until someone does the right thing.

    Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods money that went the way of Wirral Biz via Invest Wirral would have kept this school going for a lot longer than a decade.

    I hope their new magic carpet whizzes them off to somewhere most unpleasant.


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