The Comrade “Braveheart” Burgesski Kiss Off


After we reported last July that Wirral had signed a ” Concordat” with Cheshire West And Chester Council to explore sharing services – SEE HERE

It now appears that Wirral Council has, according to it’s Chief Executive Comrade Burgesski, made a ” brave” decision and decided to give the engagement ring back.

Clearly the thought of jumping into bed with a Tory-run Council proved too much when there is a much more compatible match over the River Mersey. And what’s more we’re sure that jumping into a bed with a Tory can lead to ,ahem, compromising positions!!!

Burgesski’s statement  “It is right to thoroughly investigate an opportunity and have the bravery to say it isn’t right for us at the moment” is spin taken to the point of delirium. Do they truly believe this bollocks or has the Department Of Spin completely given up ?


We’re amazed he didn’t add some classic kiss-off lines such as :

  • we were getting seriously too quickly let’s see other Councils for a while
  • we need some time
  • we need some space
  • it’s us. It really is. It’s not you
  • you’re too good for us and you’ll only end up getting hurt/embarrassed/bankrupt
  • we don’t deserve you. You deserve better
  • we’re no good for anyone right now
  • you’re the right Council but at the wrong time of our “improvement journey”

However we must say the reference to “bravery” had us all guffawing loudly.

” What do they mean?….” I implored.

Verity sidled over and whispered in my ear : ” If you don’t mind me saying so your Lordship they don’t know what they’re doing…. or to purloin a phrase from Eldritch – they don’t know their arse from their elbow”

Meanwhile we’re left wondering whether it’s only a matter of time before Warrington Council is lured into HKLSHSW Combined Authority ” Super Council” and Wirral Council’s ” special relationship” with that authority is formalised.

2 thoughts on “The Comrade “Braveheart” Burgesski Kiss Off

  1. Braveheart, standing on the storm lashed roof of Wallasey Town Hall, clinging to the TV aerial and addressing the throng: “They may take away our Central Government Grant money… AYE!!!…. but they’ll never… NEVERRRR!! take my top of the range white BMW 320d 181bhp 2.0-litre diesel with SatNav, GPS, 8 speed manual gearbox as standard – with optional extras…. AYE!!!”

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