On the Carpet


Following on from our “Tread Softly” piece earlier this week the plot has become as messy and tangled as the shag pile in a 1970’s porno as a couple of leakers have been in touch querying the Council’s claims that the Wallasey Town Hall carpet hadn’t been replaced since 1968. One of our sources states:

The stair carpet was replaced in 1988/89 I remember it well. There was some discussion about why local independent carpet shops has not been asked to quote. Interesting that the firm that supplied the carpet this time went belly up, the Council seem to have a knack of giving contracts to firms that go bust. But it was certainly done after 1968. The carpet in the round room ( which is used for marriage ceremonies ) was replaced last year!. So someone is telling porkies again…..”

Can anyone corroborate this claim or alternatively send someone round to the Town hall with a Vax -as someone needs to come clean….

We maintain that if the carpet had indeed been in Wallasey Town Hall for 46 years it could of crawled into Brighton Street of it’s own accord.Indeed considering all the things that have been swept under it over the years can you imagine what it would reveal if it could talk?
There’s been blood on the carpet ( remember when an irate member of staff took a swipe at former Chief Executive Jim Wilkie – what was all that about?) there’s been carpet burns (…. oh no sorry that was Westminster House) and of course there has been the endless parade of carpetbaggers who have trodden on, not just the carpet, but upon anyone or anything that got it in their way.

We can’t help feeling that where self interest meets political power that money can be found for almost anything – compensation for hurt feelings, plane tickets to China,staircases,refurbishments,free drinks,useless consultants,cover ups……

Let’s just hope the new carpet is bullshit resistant.

3 thoughts on “On the Carpet

  1. G’day

    Talking of brushing things under the carpet!

    I blew the whistle on Wirral Biz to Kevin Adderley and Paula Basnett 977 days ago today.

    Has it been brushed under the carpet?

    I was told no Big Fund recipient had gone kaput.


    I was asked about forged signatures of which at that time I was not aware, they obviously were.

    I later spoke to Beverley Edwards……. vanished.

    I then spoke to Dave Garry…….. gone.

    I spoke to Adrian Jones and Sirgit Tour…… waste of time.

    No one has been held to account, except myself and my fellow whistle blower were threatened with legal action (for trying to protect the public purse, shame on us).

    I don’t remember the carpet but there was a ridiculous football shirt hanging on the wall with a name on it, reminded me of my grand-kids (they don’t understand accounting either).


  2. never mind the bloody carpet trust Wirral council to score an own goal in view for all to see in the foyer were the extensive plans for the refurbishment of the first floor over a 16 week period & I estimate the costs at a least £0.5 million
    so for a council that is bleating about having no money its a joke, one good thing its a local company Thextons of Wallasey probably one of the councillors mates or one of the senior officers. Met a lovely lady at the Flog it programme Mrs Njgel Harbro the well known whistle blower & had a really entertaining afternoon looking at the £25000.00 of new carpet

  3. Ann thanks you Jonathan, and she did enjoy the company very much. She very much hopes when she and I are invited as celebrated whistleblowers to the Mayor’s parlour for tea ,that we may bring guests including yourself.

    Civilities and decorum are encouraged at Wirralleaks Towers.It is so deplorable that the fine vistas there are necessarily spoiled by the apoplexies occasioned by the antics of those at Town Hall. It never was so before the war when the Town clerks were deferentially happy to listen to His Lordship’s advice..o for those days again.

    Ann did take some documents to Flog It being contracts from Wirral Borough Council but the experts rather deflated ourselves by pointing out that unsigned contracts are worthless, and in addition, they apparently are rather common with WBC! Take my advice WBC, always check for signatures!

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