“I’ve seen the future, I can’t afford it
Tell me the truth sir, someone just bought it
Larger than life and twice as ugly
If we have to live there, you’ll have to drug me”

Yes yet again you read it here first – after “Destination Effluence” and “Transforming Wirral Council” comes the latest Wirral Council makeover – ” Future Council” (or should that be futile?) Cautious of the derision that met “Destination Effluence” a  desperate PR stunt spawned in haste after the shock of the Independent Review published in 2012 , Wirral Council seem to be adopting a more subtle and subliminal approach this time.From information we’ve been receiving it would seem that Council staff are gradually being brainwashed into talking about “Future Council”  so as to make cuts to services and staff redundancies somehow sound more palatable and well , sort of dynamic and futuristic and stuff.

ROBOTSHowever we feel, just like Destination Effluence, it’s just the same old Council trick of putting lipstick on a pig ……

Even the usually compliant union Unison expressed  “major concern” in their last annual report when “Future Council” was quietly being introduced : “The Budget option entitled ‘Transforming Wirral’ Council now referred to as “Future Council” caused major concern. It seeks to make savings of £9.5 million by the end of 2015/16…”

So is ” Future Council”  meant to sound as though Wirral Council is to be run like a lean,mean machine managed and controlled by unthinking,unfeeling automatons?.

Sounds like business as usual to us!

Lest we forget ….


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: FUTURE COUNCIL!

  1. The only things that work properly in Wirral Council is the various senior officers BMWs.
    As for the rest of the Council it is more like Vor Sprung Knackered!

  2. G’day

    Moving on to the future:

    “Flog It! stars visit Wirral”

    Wirral Biz turn up at Town Hall to make a bid for ridiculous football shirt in case with sponsors name on the back.



  3. G’day Again

    What forward thinking getting in a nice new plush carpet. (I bet it is Green)

    The new mayor is probably going to invite Tiger at Open season and show him how good he is at Putin.

    Then when the bloke from Tranmere is not suspended any more they can court and fete them again and the Super Director can get that ridiculous shirt off the wall and demonstrate his keepy uppys without having to go out the back every half hour with his ‘team’.

    A fit council for the future.


    Ps Someone might even be car petted after 1000 days since the whistle was blown.

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