Flogging a Dead Cause


Ordinary riches can be stolen from a man. Real riches cannot. In the treasury-house of your soul, there are infinitely precious things, that may not be taken from you.

The Soul of Man Under Socialism  – Oscar Wilde

We understand that experts at last weekend’s recording of “Flog It!” at Wallasey Town Hall were particularly impressed with one of the finest collection of Compromise Agreements in the country.  The controversial agreements made with disgraced former council officers were appraised to be worth over £1 million pounds of public money.
Other items uncovered included a rare landscape of  Wirral Waters which is hung in the waiting area next to Comrade Burgesski’s throne room.

This picture features a fortune cookie -type quote from the inscrutable and elusive Madam Stella Shiu which reads: “Wirral Waters will put Wirral on the map.”

Furniture expert  Ann Teak said that a particularly fine table from the Mayors parlour that was destined for the skip was indicative of Wirral Council’s profligate ways – ” They seem to get rid of the hidden treasures and keep throwing good money after bad debts, bad decisions and bad people…”

Also on show was a  hand-crafted gold-embossed “No Case To Answer” rubber stamp believed to be unique to Wirral Council. A council spokesperson  commented : ” Although showing signs of wear and tear this item has proved to be priceless for us”

Unfortunately it was predicted that the Mayoral chain would soon become devalued to the point of being absolutely worthless – well at least during the next term of office anyway .This is because of what experts referred to as “The Foulkes Factor”……..


1 thought on “Flogging a Dead Cause

  1. Sad to say the Experts found that the Councillors and senior officers were very poor quality and a lot of them were fakes!

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