Notes On The Notorious


Doggone Dodd’s Gone

Curiously, apologies were received for ex- Councillor Darren “Dazzler” Dodd at the last meeting of the Council – until it was brought to the attention of the meeting that he’d actually resigned in November 2013.  Have his constituents noticed?  Do they care?

However, his unheralded departure means we will miss his dogged determination to diss the opposition in his uniquely “creative” way – And no Darren that’s not a great big kiss!

 Steve’s Peeves

For the heinous crime of stating that he didn’t think that Foulkesy was fit to be the next Mayor  Cllr.Chris ” Bulldog” Blakeley has had to endure the tedium of a 10-month investigation into this terrible slur upon the good name of the blameless future first citizen (costing what exactly?)

Needless to say, this led to the inevitable conclusion of “no case to answer” mainly based on the incontrovertible fact that this isn’t North Korea (yet) and you are allowed to have an opinion even when it pisses off some powerful people.

Of course, we know that feigning victimhood is classic tactic of any bully and anyone who can recall Foulksey’s less than statesmanlike volcanic temper tantrum last July will be aware he seemed to be a tad touchy at the time.


However piecing together the information we’ve received it would appear that behind the Punch & Judy politics this particular spat could have been the catalyst for what was to happen the following month (August 2013) namely Wirralgate!


If the Wirralgate saga is ever investigated properly (and breath holding is not advised) then we’re calculating roughly that it’ll be 2020 before we find out whether our suspicions are correct.

  Wirral Council Vacancy: Assassin wanted

Facetiously we recently asked whether whistleblower Martin Morton was gagged and bound in Wallasey Town Hall basement .Well apparently not, as it would appear he has been in Foulksey’s words  “courted, feted even ”  by the National Audit Office who have referenced the notorious  case in a report going before the  Public Accounts Committee in the House Of Commons next Monday.


However, still no mention of a possible return by the pesky party-pooper- all very curious. One wonders where this will all end?  – Badly probably….  But for who?


5 thoughts on “Notes On The Notorious

  1. G’day

    I can only hope that Mr Dodd has only quit because he has seen the light. (Is there (was there) some decency amongst Labor)

    I wish him well. Well done for getting out.

    Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro told his pretend friend all the facts.

    Admittedly the poor old fellah didn’t understand the facts because he’s not the brightest from the valleys, but, he convinced them (because there less bright) to spend £50,000.00 of someone’s money, (anyone’s money, he might or, might not of cared) to do an independent investigation.

    So who do you get to do an independent investigation?

    Your own auditors of course because you have had these stupid little buggars wrapped around your little finger for donkeys years. I know I have worked for them, Temple-Murray etc,.

    Pretend friend, £50,000.00 is about 75 years of dressing up as Santa in old money.

    Almost 1,000 days later the facts have not changed.

    Adderley said no Big recipient had gone bad.

    I knew that was wrong (Lockwood Engineering) whilst I was looking up thinking why has a grown man got a football shirt on his wall with his name on it? I bit my tongue before asking him if he had slept in it. It did look wrinkled…. go and have a look. It possibly impresses Stella.

    Grant Thornton said all six Big applications were wrong.

    Lets see the other 20 or 30 files. Yeah, pigs might fly over the Spotty Blue Teapot!

    Wirral Biz did scores of incorrect tax returns paid for by ISUS. Poor taxpayers, still coming home to roost..

    Basnett asked me about forged signatures. She knew. I didn’t at that time.

    Hows’s the CHAMBER going?

    Wirral Biz are laughing their socks off. How many hundreds of thousands pounds did they steal and are now being defended by these people who REFUSE TO SAY THAT THEY COCKED UP?



    Ps I thought that MASSIVE MUPPET (pictured) with the dunny chain around his neck was a blue?


    • We’re aware that the Whistleblower’s Pretend Friend commissioned another report (cost unknown) relating to another whistleblowing case that once again (for reasons unknown) has never seen the light of day……..”

      • The last time I had a “pretend friend” was in school, aged 10. When I exposed the subterfuge, I think his parting words to me were, “I’m not playing with you any more. Ner ner na ner ner.”

        I don’t know whether he became a Wirral Councillor, but I hope this gives readers a small insight into the toxic mindset / limited use of the intellectual pygmies we’re giving our mandate to.

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