Arrivals And Departures

Source A writes :

The cctv will be switched off as from the end of this month but the control room will still provide recorded images on disc for evidential purposes to Merseyside police and other agencies by appointment only! So if evidential data is required asap please get your crystal ball out and book an appointment before the crime happens. After the very silent and manufactured leaving of head honcho Jonny Kenny in their wisdom WBC are now employing staff from a yet unnamed agency to man the control room.

Eleven fully qualified and experienced staff replaced for a cheaper option, with outstanding contracts for alarm monitoring, key holding services,out of hours highways,out of hours emergencies and communication links for the community patrol service. The hiring of un-knowledgable and unqualified staff could have dire consequences for community patrol staffs health and safety and also damage the good professional image portrayed by the previous staff over the last twenty five years before they became unessential workers….

Source B writes :
Does anyone know what happened to the LS Lowry painting that used to hang in the office of a Mr Darley at Wirral Borough Council many years ago?…It seems that it disappeared from the office after Mr Darley left & has never been seen since. Does anyone also know just how many works of art at Wallasey Town Hall lying unsecured n the basement & just how much of those works of art have been stolen having been left scattered around like they were rubbish?



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