Whatever Foulkesy Wants Foulkesy Gets?


“Recline yourself, resign yourself, you’re through
I always get what I aim for…..” (Whatever Lola Wants)

Ullo Foulksey got a new motor?

They’re certainly pulling out all the stops for Foulkesy’s Mayoral reign at Wirral Council aren’t they?  Firstly news arrives that he has a new motor  – a shiny new silver/blue Vauxhall Insignia replacing the Jag.

However it is with a wry smile we note the comments of David Armstrong ,a Director of Something or Other, who’s main role seems to be making press statements so that none of the flak gets back to Burgesski. Armstrong pre-empts any criticism of the purchasing of a brand new vehicle just before Foulksey’s triumphant ascendancy to first citizenry by emphasising Wirral’s proximity to Vauxhall motors in Ellesmere Port and claiming that Council vehicles are “replaced on the basis of age,condition and reliability.”

We think they should have stuck with the Jag  – as frankly we think Foulksey is well suited to a clapped out guzzler that’s no longer fit for purpose.


Secondly one would assume that Wallasey Town Hall having had an expensive makeover would be fit for a  Mayor making ceremony.

However we understand that the sickening,sorry … glittering event will break with Council tradition and be held at New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion.

The questions have to be asked as to why there has been a change in this tradition? who’s idea was it ? and who is picking up the tab for the new venue when Wallasey Town Hall would have been free?

We can only assume that one long-running Wirral Council tradition remains intact as like a low rent Lola it would seem  “whatever Foulksey wants Foulksey gets”  …….well, almost whatever he wants anyway!

5 thoughts on “Whatever Foulkesy Wants Foulkesy Gets?

  1. Can I also suggest that “Whatever Foulksey DOESN’T want, Foulksey gets” in the shape of “WIRRALGATE”, exploding across ALL networks very soon………………….?

  2. Shame they can’t use the same criteria for replacing human vehicles….age, condition & reliability…that’d sure clear the place out quick sharp

  3. What a shame the geographical dyslexics didn’t do their home work,the car is made in Germany or is that the new name for Ellesmere Port. Have they bought a Vauxhall so that the Frank Drebin can moonlight for Davy Liver?!

  4. Obviously the wrong choice of Vauxhall should have been the more expensive Ampera which is a hybrid capable of a combined electric/small4cylinder motor of 300 mpg so much for the council carbon reduction policy Doing the simple maths what is saved on fuel over say 60000 miles would pay for the car “Simples”or am I stating the bleeding obvious.

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