Electioneering For Amateurs

And so the electioneering silly season starts with Wirral West MP Esther McVague tweeting: ” Wirral Labour can’t be trusted” during the Hillsborough Memorial.
Right message – terrible,terrible timing.

But then Wirral Tories can’t be trusted either. Pity the poor people of Wirral , who in the forthcoming local elections , seem to have the choice between cynical,manipulative political opportunists or ,er…cynical ,manipulative,political opportunists.

Meanwhile Power Boy Pip Davies stood solemnly on the Town Hall steps and spoke about the ” deceitful and outrageous” events surrounding the Hillsborough tragedy.
Hoping that “truth will be revealed” and adding ” with this truth must come justice”.

Justice? , really Pip?, seriously?

Truth, justice and accountability are alien concepts to Wirral Council.

We can’t help feeling that the Hillsborough Memorial and the people of Wirral deserve so much better

4 thoughts on “Electioneering For Amateurs

  1. And she was in the frame to replace Ms Windy Miller as Culture and sport secretary!
    More culture in a carton of yogurt, None of the prospective Councillors can be trusted because when elected they all follow the whip!

  2. G’day My Lord

    Esther’s timing wasn’t right but it had to be said.

    I wrote to her myself.

    G’day Esther

    My name is James Griffiths and I blew the whistle on Wirral Biz to WBC 1,017 days ago.

    They spent an extra £50,000.00 on a Grant Thornton investigation that proved myself and my fellow whistle-blower were vindicated and that criminality was found.

    No one has been held to account despite us emailing all the councillors on a daily basis and the report being ferreted away somewhere which suggests to me nobody there can be trusted.

    They will offer you that old chestnut it is with the police. You know and I know it is just parked with the cops.



    Ps You should be interested Wirral Biz were about one of your favourite topics Start Ups and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of taxpayer pounds.

    Pps Remember the Spotty Blue Teapot



    Ps Did you ever take Her Ladyship to The Blue Spotty Teapot? It was around for about 5 minutes whilst the grant monies lasted.

  3. G’day Again My Lord

    As you can see I am gearing up for the upcoming elections as well.

    Today’s missive to all the councillors:

    G’day Mate (Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro)

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    I was a bit naughty yesterday telling the buffoon he was a so and so.

    Not that he is not…… but like Esther my timing was wrong.

    I do though believe in karma and as I was in my favourite Jewish shop today a scally whizzed past me in aisle 13 and as I was in my thongs he took my big toenail clean off.

    About half a pint of blood later I thought I deserved that.

    So Phil the dill 1,017 days later BE CAREFUL, BE VERY CAREFUL.

    Who did he stab in the back to take the lead?



    Ps They just continue in their conspiracy of silence as I phoned our delegated officer in Counter Fraud today Garym Lambert ABCD EFG HIJKLMNOP and he said there was no news, so I reminded him that in 1,017 days he had never given me one scrap of information. Just in case he forgets it finishes QRSTUVWXYZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when you do something.

    So roll on the elections!!!!!!

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