Cowboys and Indians


We would like to thank the delightfully, if implausibly named Scarlett Impernell  for copying us into correspondence sent to Wirral Council Chief Executive Comrade Burgesski which reads:

” To : Mr Burgess Chief Exec

At a recent meeting of Community Patrol I was also deeply offended by Manager X’s racist references to Indians identyfying them as the bad guys. He made comments such as

“we need to keep the Indians at bay”
” The Indians are circling”
” The Indians are out there, over the hill waiting !”

This is not acceptable from anyone, let alone a man in his position. Strangely the council Hate Crime manager was sat next to him. He may think its just a harmless saying but if you were a Native American, from India, or genuinely believed in equality you would find these sort of comments extremely offensive.

You will not be surprised that I am sending this anonysmously. The reasons for this are obvious. You will not take it seriously and then I will be hunted down like others who don’t toe the party line.”

Obviously it’s not our place to comment on allegations of casual racism and/or toe-curlingly crass  management speak that belongs to another period in time ….the Neanderthal period to be precise.

However our particular interest lies in the fact that Manager X  features in our extensive archive. And therefore we think Scarlett is very wise to remain anonymous as based on what we know   –  a) they won’t be taken seriously and b) they will be hunted down.

We know this from the case where Manager X  failed to properly address allegations about serial bullies targeting staff raising genuine concerns.This series of events inevitably followed the Wirral Council time honored tradition where someone’s career is destroyed and the bullies and enablers carry on topping up their pension pots.

And so demonstrating once again that Wirral leaks has a better grasp of public service than Wirral Council we proudly present a Wirral Leaks special cut out and keep “Lessons to be Learned” for Wirral Council ( the latest in a seemingly never ending series….).

* If staff operate in a culture of fear they will seek alternative outlets for their complaints/grievances/concerns
* If staff have no trust and confidence in managers listening to them they will seek alternative outlets for their complaints/grievances/concerns
* If staff have no trust in internal processes or investigations they will seek alternative outlets for their complaints/grievances/concerns

It’s just occurred to us here that if you add in casual racial slurs we could be talking about Wirralgate!

Happy Easter

4 thoughts on “Cowboys and Indians

  1. Seeing as I use the username Scarlet Pimpernel on (and I’m married to someone from the ethnic minority named), I’d just like to point out that this has nothing to do with me whatsoever, although obviously imitation is the sincerest firm of flattery!

    • It was said by Councillor Steve Foulkes in Spring 2009 at a public meeting. It was a public meeting at the Lauries Centre to discuss the plan to close half of Wirral’s libraries. A member of the public (not me) suggested that Wirral Council cut the amount of senior managers working at Wirral Council rather than close half the libraries. Cllr Steve Foulkes replied saying that if they did cut senior manager posts that Wirral Council would be criticised for not having enough chiefs.

      My wife who was born on an Indian reservation in Canada took exception to his use of the phrase involving chiefs and Indians and had words with him at the end about it.

  2. Manager X has obviously sent his staff away with the message that its ok to be offensive in this way. I am sure he will be very supportive when one of his staff is in the clag for using the same or similar offensive terminology. I wonder what words he thinks is ok to use to make them work hard?

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