Esther’s Easter Message – “Opportunism Knocks…”

The Esther Bunny

The Esther Bunny

We mentioned the political opportunism and frankly the sheer desperation in our commentary of Esther McVague’s frantic electioneering (or more likely , her agents) during the Hillsborough Memorial. SEE HERE

However we suggest that the shy and retiring Ms.McVague has an inglorious record of political opportunism. Witness her appeal to Dyno Rod Dave at Prime Ministers Question Time following the publication of the “shocking” (her words) Independent Review of Wirral Council undertaken by “Anna Klewinski” (who she?) and published in 2012 which investigated claims made by Whistleblower “Martin Morton (& Others)” – we always wondered who these “others” were by the way.

As you can see McVague implores the PM to make “sure those responsible are brought to account and never work in adult social services again”.
Dyno Rod Dave mutters something about a “very serious matter” and says he’ll get some bigwig in Department of Health to speak to Our Esther. So how did that go?  Perhaps the newly appointed Right Honourable One can clarify for us.

Was anyone ever brought to account?   Were those responsible prevented from working in adult social services ever again? Our understanding is that Wirral Council made considerable pay-offs to Council staff  implicated in the Independent Review’s findings and still rigorously protect their anonymity. We also understand that  a manager of one of the dubious “care” companies, who were once again anonymised in the Independent Review , actually went on to win an award at the North West Care Awards in 2012!.
We believe that the company that he managed had links to an organised crime group and were involved in the infamous “baseball bats” saga.
So much for being brought to account!

What’s more soon after this impassioned speech McVague was made Minister for the Disabled – as they say it’s an ill wind…..

Meanwhile, as far as we understand, Mr.Morton remains out of work. We’re not sure about the “others.”  We presume their anonymity saved them from a fate worse than Morton.

Under the circumstances is it any wonder that McVey’s opportunism is further called into question as displayed here in the this submission from a valued Wirral Leaks contributor:

“Esther McVey’s insensitivity on the timing of her ‘Hillsborough’
tweet should not be a surprise. After all as Disability Minister
her job was to denigrate and punish the sick and disabled
along side Iain Duncan Smith. Her reward was to be promoted
to Employment Minister and to hand out the same sanctions
to the unemployable. I sent her and the other monsters an
‘Easter Greeting’ which you might like.
To: <>

Ms McVey given your excellent work as disability minister and now
employment minister I thought you should share the ‘Easter card’
which I sent to your boss, Iain.

    P.S. it has gone out to several disability activist sites who I trust
    will find a use for it in future protests. It went down well at the
    Birkenhead ATOS demo.”

No wonder McVague beat a hasty retreat during her recent visit to Ingeus offices next to Hamilton Square station. Ingeus are an organisation helping unemployed people back into work and are situated adjacent to Remploy – an organisation helping disabled people access work with whom she has an acrimonious history. SEE HERE

Eggs-cellent work Esther!


3 thoughts on “Esther’s Easter Message – “Opportunism Knocks…”

  1. G’day My Lord

    Looking at your Fit For Work picture I think for the next four weeks or so leading up to the elections every council worker when seeing a Super Director or Councillor should whistle that favourite old tune

    “Always look on the bright side of life”

    indicating to them that the evil amongst them won’t be there for much longer.



    Ps Don’t mention New Brighton Community Centre or Wirral Biz

  2. My Lord
    It was with some shock that I opened the Liverpool Echo of yesterday to read of The new CEO of the Chamber of Commerce championing Wirral Businesses. I noticed the accompanying photograph of Ms McVey beaming with Mrs Basnett.

    The main photograph showed just how far removed we are from the times of the previous Lord Leaky, with a spread showing two males at the back of the steps of Egerton House, with a bevy of Ladies ahead of them. Just how successful are these Ladies!

    From Purchase Ledger clerk to CEO via heading up Invest Wirral and years in Regeneration activities is a fabulous journey. And to pledge not to subsidise the Chamber with “grant – hunting” is music to the ears.

    We should note though that Mrs Basnett

    headed up Invest Wirral when those unfortunate BIG grants were passed

    was in charge of the ISUS project from early 2011

    that the rental income from Egerton House arises after central government gifted Egerton House to WBC many years ago

    that Phil Davies and Kevin Adderley were seconded to the Board of Egerton House in November 2012 by the WBC cabinet just as wrralbiz was refusing access to records to Grant Thornton and just as a £66,000 payment was made to wirralbiz for the Community Asset Transfer after a delay of nearly one year. That the WBC now agrees this payment was irregular (see FOI answer) and without checking the quality of the work

    that following these appointments the release of the highly embarrassing BIG fund report was held back for 4 months for “further enquiries” humph, whist the ISUS report 13 months later remains secret

    that that the previous manager of Egerton House had been the CEO of “the Blue Spotted Teapot” moving aside from her job to be replaced by Mrs Basnett whist pocketing redundancy and large grants for her new business

    that only recently £800,000 of erdf money was obtained by GRANT to develop the Chamber’s Pacific Road venue in the teeth of alternative private bids

    that Mrs Basnett is married to an Investment Manager in Liverpool highly influential with erdf grants

    I hope Lord Leaky you will not take my comments above as carping they are just an antidote to the article I read and in now way do I follow the venerable John Knox’s “A blast against the Monstrous Regiment of women”

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