We’ve let the dust settle (geddit?) before we commented on the story that filters are being used on Councillor’s emails to ensure that members of the public who are perhaps deemed to be vexatious,annoying,persistent or whose spelling is absolutely dreadful are prevented from contacting their democratically elected public servants known as Wirral Councillors. The official version from Comrade Burgesski is that it’s to ensure that the sweet little lambkins are protected from receiving emails that might cause “offence”.


We first got wind of this when we were kindly copied into an email sent from Lib Dem leader Phil Gilchrist to whistleblower Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro which read:

Dear Mr Hobro

It is very useful to have this chronology.I would welcome details of the contact officer in the DCLG.

On 11th April I had sent this note to Mr Burgess…

Members have received an almost daily e mail from Mr Griffiths.

What is the current information on the police’ progress?

What information has been given to the DCLG and who in the DCLG has been looking into the series of assertions?

Have the DCLG come back with any advice on the poor systems, alleged inadequacies of staff, alleged poor quality of advice to customers?

I have not, as far as I know, received the DCLG contact details via Wirral.

Mr Burgess did send a message to Cllr Pat Williams and Party Leaders on 23rd April referring to the police and DCLG matters.

I am continuing to read Mr Griffiths observations but these are now, I understand, only forwarded to Councillors who wish to receive them.

Phil Gilchrist

Now not having seen the email which caused so much offence we can’t comment on the need for such a drastic measure other than to say that if we send an email to a Councillor we expect it to be read by the intended recipient and not some Council Officer control freak whose dead hand grips tightly round the neck of democracy and slowly throttles it to death.

We presume that the person responsible for co-ordinating this subversion of openness and transparency is particularly concerned about “hurt feelings”.

It’s strikes us here at Leaky Towers that they seem to be a bunch of wilting flowers in that there Wallasey Town Hall. They seem quite happy to dish it out but not so keen when it comes flying back! It is for this reason that Wirral Leaks will continue it’s proud tradition of taking a satirical swipe at the vanity, pomposity and hypocrisy of particular Councillors and Council Officers.

A case in point is the publication of an investigation report (costing at least £1,800 of public money ) where Foulksey had complained that his good name had been impugned (stop laughing at the back) when old adversary Cllr.Chris Blakeley had had the temerity to question his fitness to be mayor.


Of course good ole Foulksey is a past master of playing the victim. Firstly when ousted as Leader of the Council in a vote of no confidence and then bemoaning that he was having to step down as Labour group leader because of “poisonous” style of personalised political attacks.


Not that Foulksey would ever indulge in such unbecoming behaviour – well not when he can draw on his faithful followers and a particularly loyal lieutenant to do it for him!………

For example  (and without even bringing up the vexed question of #Wirralgate) one of our correspondents was aghast to witness Cllr.Harry “Crisp Packet” Smith going back to his old ways and haranguing a local journalist prior to a recent Council meeting by calling him by that heinous name: ” Tory” It’s a shame local cinematographer John Brace didn’t catch this exchange with his all-seeing eye. Therefore in consideration of this incident and his past history might we suggest that if Council Officers do insist on installing filters that they attach one to Cllr Smith’s gargantuan gob whilst they’re at it!

Finally we’d like to bring to everyone’s attention that this peaking at emails malarkey is old news to us at Leaky Towers. Indeed we are well aware of a case where a senior Officer made a staff team aware that they read some of their subordinates “interesting” emails as part of their late night recreation.

A case of Big Bad Brother not only watching but bragging about it!

4 thoughts on “#Nofilter

  1. My Lord

    Long long ago were the revelations I possessed confidential. The powers-that-be long ago received confidential information in the belief they would use it wisely.

    After an investigation that has taken just under 3 years, and for goodness sake, the DCLG intimated their involvement themselves in March 2013 and still have not rendered a report, the Police took evidence in July 2012 and still have no crime number, one can assume that the informations given them are totally innocuous and not worth protecting.

    Therefore there is no longer any confidentiality in this matter

  2. G’day My Lord

    It seems only my mates are seeing my daily missives, but I bet the guilty and paranoid amongst them are having a little peep. he he

    Your comment;

    “It’s strikes us here at Leaky Towers that they seem to be a bunch of wilting flowers in that there Wallasey Town Hall”.

    I don’t consider them wilting flowers more like;

    Paterson’s Curse (Echium plantagineum or Purple Viper’s Bugloss) (Bugloss is not a spelling mistake My Lord) is an invasive plant species in Australia. It is also known as Salvation Jane.‎

    Paterson’s curse is considered a great resource for apiarists but is toxic to most grazing animals and is Australia’s worst broadleaf temperate pasture weed.

    1,039 days later since I blew the whistle to Basnett and Adderley.

    When they fess up My Lord will you invite us to Leaky Towers to court and fete Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro, I can’t see us in the next Mayor’s Parlour at……..The Floral Pavillion.



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