Strong Bonds


The political views of Frankenfield (aka St.Frank) are often a thing of wonderment and bewilderment but his latest public pronouncement (and there’s been quite a few lately haven’t there boys and girls?) is simply jaw-dropping.

Here we find Blessed Frank bemoaning the “strong bond” between Wirral’s health authorities


So what has vexed Frankie-baby to throw yet another public (and perfectly timed) hissy-fit?

Here are his concerns:

* The relationships between senior members of the CCG and Arrowe Park Hospital may have dented the “independence” and “integrity” of local health services.

* The body responsible for commissioning local health services may have taken decisions that do not reflect the will of all its members or the public.

* Arrowe Park has a long history of not being able properly to manage its budget.

* Closures, sackings and loss of patient services has been its traditional negative stance.

* The failure of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) leadership to work together.

*  The status of the chair (of CCG) and his eligibility to hold this post”.

Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? Replace Wirral health authorities with Wirral Council and we have a carbon copy of the concerns raised by much maligned and mistreated whistleblowers who didn’t have the luxury of a direct line to a government minister like Jeremy Hunt.

Did we hear Frank Incensed ever raise concerns about :

* The relationships between Wirral Business Partnership or Lairdside Communities Trust and Wirral Council?

* Decisions made by Wirral Council which fly in the face of their own “surveys”?.

* The inability of the Council to manage it’s budget ( he was conspicuously silent on the matter of £31 million of toxic debt that the Council had managed to run up)?,

*  The loss of services and redundancies at Wirral Council?

* The eligibility of Foulksey to be Mayor and the status of chairs of some of the Council committees which simply defy belief?

But the Frank Incensed has his own “strong bonds” with Wirral Council doesn’t he? Perhaps we should call for a full independent public inquiry into those…and how would we do that?

Well we’d have to go through our one of our local MPs like ,er , the Right Honourable Frank Field! ……


3 thoughts on “Strong Bonds

  1. Not only has Frank been bonding with the Mormons (Wirral Leaks passim) but he’s now hooked up with billionaire Rupert (scourge of the wealthy and powerful) Murdoch in a bid to defend and promote the rights of downtrodden UK citizens being savaged by ‘rip off Britain’, in the shape of companies, crooked corporations and even crookeder cartels. More here:

  2. Well I have just learnt that from November 26th 2013 the council’s whistleblowing policy is to be circumscribed to only its own employees.Previously a badly worded document left it ambiguous as to whether employees of Service Providers, as I and James were,could be entitled to own all the badly-worded rights of the whistlleblower.
    Now if Service Providers, who lets face it have had the allegations of malfeasance levied predominantly at themselves, are controlled by Directors who profit from misdeeds at the expense of WBC, what whistleblower is going to stir up a hornets nest with their own employers? For at even date such employees are only given “Whilst they are not covered by
    the policy, other individuals performing functions in relation to the organisation, such
    as volunteers, agency workers and contractors, are encouraged to use it.”.

    What does that mean my Lord? Can they just use the bits that officers decide arbritarily they may have, or can they use all of it. It is all very ambivalent and seems to be a Charter for Service Providers to fill their boots at our expense and this, merely to save the Council from having all the bother and management time to deal with pesky “informants” like myself and James Griffiths, who have this strange addiction to justice!

    First the Council does not empty our brown bins without charge, abandons many of our open spaces, tries to shut down our leisure places, stops the maintenance of grassy spaces, and now withdraws our rights to being treated equitably for CHANCING OUR LIVELIHOODS,QUIETUDE AND SAFETY .

    Are we just protecting the five figure salaries of senior officers . Is that the priority as they draw large salaries whilst limiting their own duties?

  3. G’day The Lord of The Leaks

    You comment;

    Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? Replace Wirral health authorities with Wirral Council and we have a carbon copy of the concerns raised by much maligned and mistreated whistleblowers who didn’t have the luxury of a direct line to a government minister like Jeremy Hunt.

    In my previous life for the 14 years before returning to Wirral I was a Small Business Auditor with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in which time I adjusted lots and lots of peoples taxable income up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and my decisions were never ignored by anyone in the ATO.


    So it became a real surprise that after blowing the whistle 1,052 days ago to Basnett and Adderley there has been no real action.

    95% or thereabouts of the people who were there at the Clowncil when I blew the whistle are still there. Burgess being the notable newbie.

    Bill Norman said we were whistle blowers.

    So when the truth outs which it inevitably will who will be held responsible?

    The police have never really investigated, they have never spoken to me.

    Why was there a need for me to write on an almost daily basis despite Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro giving them irrefutable evidence.

    Why did I have to use CHILDISH INSULTS to get any sort of response?

    Why are they waiting till after an election to answer?

    Nothing has changed the facts are the same as 1,052 days ago.

    So My Good Lord Leaksville let us hope if any of these people who have ignored my good self and Nigel “Highbrow” for 1,052 days never have to use the services of Arrowe Park and if they do let us pray that they are not ignored for 1,052 days.

    Luv you.



    Ps Did the Blue Smurfs get in?

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