Election Reflection


And so in the week following the local and Euro elections we at Leaky Towers make some observations and reflect on some of the feedback we’ve received……

“Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…….”

One of the most depressing aspects of the local elections (other than the calibre of some of the candidates) was the appallingly low turnout. In reverse order , the percentage figures for some of our most deprived  wards were Seacombe (26.7 %) Bidston & St.James (26.6 %) and the lowest of the low –  Rock Ferry (26.5%) where the duly elected Councillor was Moira McLaughlin – upon which we make absolutely no comment.

Compare these figures with the high turnout in some of our most affluent areas – Greasby,Frankby,& Irby (43%) West Kirby & Thurstaston (42.2%) and Clatterbridge (40.5%).

No prizes for guessing which are Labour and which are Tory wards.
And right there you have a graphic illustration of the great east/west Wirral divide which typifies the fractious and divisive politics on this peninsula.
Returning a Nice Little Earner

After the assembled throng at the Bidston Tennis Centre had stifled their guffaws at the sight of another PR fail where Comrade Burgesski stood next to a very symbolic and decidedly phallic Moreton lighthouse there was the dawning realisation that as Returning Officer and at 2012 rates  Wirral Council’s CEO was raking in £233 per ward for announcing the results of the elections.  SEE HERE

I’m sure you’ll all agree that  two and a half grand for channelling  Miss World MC Eric Morley for the day is a nice little earner. Of course we’re sure that Comrade Burgesski will be donating his fee to a local foodbank or the Unison fighting fund and not dreaming of a leisurely  fortnight in the Algarve…..

Also benefiting from the election bonanza and receiving half of Burgesski’s fee was Monitoring Officer Surjit  “Not” Poor – which mustn’t have gone down well with certain politicians who we know are not exactly enamoured of the Council’s Official Number Two.

……And the local election largesse didn’t stop there as we hear that many staff employed by WC were paid extra for election duties as well as having ‘special paid leave’

We understand Wirral Council’s notoriously renowned nepotism ensured that one person had her whole family on election duties and they raked in a tidy sum between them working Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and then Sunday!
Trebles all round on the electoral gravy train !!!

5 thoughts on “Election Reflection

  1. Got to admit though, new BMWs are relative gas guzzlers. Although during these times of austerity for many, this couple of grand on top of the bloated salary would definitely get Graham “Mistakes” Burgess to the Algarve and back more than once.

  2. My Lord My Lord My Lord

    Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro and my good self have been sending almost daily missives to all 66 councillors and I have decided if this is the MODUS OPERANDI it doesn’t matter who is elected and who has or hasn’t elected them.

    Our issue is my initial whistle blowing on 5 July 2011 on Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods to Paula Basnett and Kevin Adderley.

    A hairs breadth away from 3 years later nothing has resulted despite them spending £50,000.00 plus VAT on a Grant Thornton Report that is a closely guarded secret despite every man and his dog knowing it tells of criminality.

    Today’s missive; (Ignored as usual)

    G’day All

    Why should Nigel and I be victims of this for almost three years?


    UPDATED: Report reveals Wirral Council was on brink of Government intervention

    Wirral Globe: Wallasey Town Hall
    11:51am Friday 30th May 2014

    WIRRAL Council was on the brink of Government intervention over the escalation of “a multiplicity of weaknesses over time” a special report commissioned by the Local Government Association has revealed.

    I do not understand how 66 of you can support a (suspect, useless, possibly corrupt organisation, with leaders like you have) against irrefutable evidence.

    Foulkes for MAYOR.

    Wake up and smell the coffee you fools.

    If administration should have been brought in, it should have been brought in for your constituents.

    Get off your high horses and do the right thing you muppets.

    Three years on 5 July I am fuming.

    Bring in the administration.



    Ps Sorry your Lordship that this is not full of the usual good humour I am boiling over.

    Still luv you


  3. G’day Mate

    Oh My Lordship that is a terrible mistake calling you Mate, Mate.

    I won’t do it again and if I do I I will re-emigrate immediately and I will buy you a drink at the Mayor Making and it won’t happen again, I should know my place. Luv ya.

    See WBC that is how you fix things.

    Not leave whistle blowers in the dark for 3 years and ferret away £50,000.00 plus VAT Grant Thornton reports that show criminality and park the case without a case number with the police.

    You ADMIT your mistake straight away and then you apologies, compensate, say what will happen if it re-occurs and promise seriously you will do your utmost not to let it happen again.

    (Kissing and making up is optional ask Foulkes and Blakeley)

    You do not get your mates (other public servants from places like Wigan and Blackburn) just to say things have improved with zilch evidence.

    As you can see my Lordship (nearly called you mate and I would have had to give myself an uppercut) I am still fuming.

    Whoaaa…… that feels better the sun is shining and we will have a new Fudgit and Riskit Committee next week to say they don’t understand and a new mayor saying we have lessons to learn, lessons to learn, lessons to learn, lessons to learn, lessons to learn, lessons to learn, lessons to learn……………. at every public function.



    Ps In the fashion of honesty, openness and transparency, as a lesson to Wirral, My Lordly please tell me what you think of my missives to you.

    Don’t hold back Mate (Oh shit I called you mate, I’m off to Oz as soon as this is over) give it me between the eyes I can take it. It might not be too late to sue those English teachers at St Johns. Actually Mr McGinty Eng. was one of my heroes along with Bob Doyle PE, by the way another (customer) of Wirral Biz.

    Bob Doyle gave me a REAL football shirt to play centre forward and beat Pensby in the Wirral Schools Cup Final in 1967. Do you think I should hang it on my wall? he he

    Real stories real people.

    Bring in the Administration.

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