What Makes a Mayor?

Trumpton Mayor

This article is published to coincide with tonight’s mayor-making ceremony held at the Floral Pavilion,New Brighton. What this represents in all it’s tawdry glory is a show of strength where the people of Wirral are taught a lesson as to who is in charge.
For nearly a quarter of a century Sun King Foulksey and his acolytes have had the run of the show (although lately the cosy set up has had a couple of setbacks) and today’s mayor-making ceremony is his crowning achievement.

We will be particularly  interested to hear as to who Foulkesy invites as his guest of honour. We well remember that the last Labour mayor was Cllr Moira McLaughlin who saw fit to invite former Social Services Director Kevin “Windy” Miller ,  which knowing what we know now can only be seen as a slap in the face to the people of Wirral.

What we can’t understand that if he was such a valued friend why didn’t “Windy” whisper in McLaughlin’s shell-like over the canapes and cocktails about the huge toxic debt that had been run up mainly on his watch or the unlawful charging or the dodgy care homes?

And yet even when all this malpractice was eventually exposed a source still recalls McLaughlin declaring her undying devotion to her friend “Windy” as she agreed to step down from the mayoral dais after being advised to do so by the then Director of Law Bill Norman.This was during a tempestuous Council meeting where the multiplicity of social services failings were being discussed following the publication of one in a series of damning reports

Perhaps Foulkesy will invite Bill ” My office now!!!” Norman from his Herefordshire hidey-hole.We all –  publicly witnessed how well they got on (not!) – or maybe former Chief Executive Wee Jimmy Wilkie  – another officer with whom the fur flew when Foulksey wanted his own way.

And look what happened to them ! – and look what happened to Foulksey.
There’s a lesson to be learned for anyone thinking of challenging Foulksey’s power base or the ancient regime. Of course there was another Senior Officer on the “naughty list” but due to,ahem, “circumstances” this particular Officer is now essentially bulletproof and must be the only person in Wirral Council with “a job for life.”

Fortunately Foulksey can always draw upon loyal allies especially fellow Claughton Councillors George Davies and Denise Roberts  when he wants some “special” work done but doesn’t want to be the one in the firing line. Indeed in this respect Cllr Davies has proved to be a particularly loyal wingman over many years. We only hope he gets a special mention in tonight’s expected acceptance speech which we anticipate will go ahead despite some Councillor opposition which breaks with the Council tradition of the mayor-making being a “shoe-in”.

This will then allow Foulksey to claim his £10K mayoral allowance ( in addition to his £8K Councillor allowance?) and his near £5K allowance for sitting on the Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority and whatever he gets for sitting on the board of metrosexual style bible Magenta Living*.

* Apologies – Verity informs us this is the ludicrous name of the housing association formerly known as Wirral Partnership Homes. All of this on top of his salary with Unilever (how can they possibly spare him?)

Considering the riches to be had by Foulkesy we’d like you to contrast this with an absolutely shameful bedroom tax case involving a particularly vulnerable Birkenhead tenant and (almost unbelievably) a Labour-run Wirral Council about which Welfare Rights campaigner Joe Halewood writes:

“What an offensive crock this is and what a grade one bunch of arses run Wirral council who deserve as much naming and shaming over this as we can collectively muster…..”

Once more might we suggest that the court of Sun King Foulksey bears more than a passing resemblance to the decadence and intrigue of pre -revolutionary France with it’s pursuit of power and it’s contempt for the powerless.

To which (even as a member of the landed gentry) I am led to loudly declare :

Vive le revolution!

1 thought on “What Makes a Mayor?

  1. G’day My Lordsville

    Oh what a night you missed.

    The courting and feting that has not been seen since the WHISTLE BLOWERS were courted and feted.

    I believe, sadly, that I was the only person there to turn my back when the mayor passed me……… three times. Please advise me on the back of a postcard if anyone else did. I was hoping the Echo would get a picture of my bum but I don’t think their cameraman could be arsed turning up. he he

    The biggest disappointment for me was what was going to be the highlight of the event.

    No 38 on the menu.

    (Not the Special Chicken Chow Mein that they buy Stella when they go to China en masse.)

    The vote in favour or against the nomination of Deputy Civic Mayor.

    Ssshhh I think he might be conservative.

    No 38 on the menu just didn’t happen must have run out of fortune cookies.

    I presume Phil the Dill did one of his (many) secret deals.

    The night got even more fun at the end when the pigs were getting their collective snouts in the trough.

    I came out of the dunny and Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro was chatting to a tall blonde, I thought he’s pulled, then I thought oh no, oh no, it is not the consort is it? Then when I got close I realised I recognised her as the blonde that I met when I blew the whistle 1,063 days ago under the football shirt and she was asking “Highbrow”, not for his phone number, she asked why Wirral Biz weren’t in jail?

    Work that one out Lordy.

    Then another highlight was the Pretend Friend roaming the Floral vacantly like a Welsh baa lamb looking for a friend….. probably to stab in the back……..as he does. You don’t understand how it works boyo.

    I won’t be able to sleep now it was so much fun.



    Luv you xxxxxxxx

    Ps No 17 on the menu

    Votes for The Civic Mayor

    Something like 50 7 5 (Normally a whitewash but they have ran out.)

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