Courted and Feted


Unfortunately our invitation must have got lost in the post so Lord and Lady W missed the opportunity to mix with the hoi polloi at Foulksey’s mayor-making bash at the Floral Pavilion.And we use the term “bash” advisedly as we understand that also in attendance on the front row was our other favourite Steve  – “Mad Dog” Maddox.With Foulksey at the forefront it must have felt as though the Bully Convention was in town having had a former Wirral Council Officer inform us that Maddox wasn’t averse to swearing at him in meetings.Just the kind of role model to whom the Freedom of the Borough should be awarded don’t you think?.

As an aside does anyone know whether the Ladies of Hebden Bridge were in attendance, as we know they and Foulkesy went back a long way – all the way back to Hebden Bridge in fact and with most of Wirral Council’s senior officers in tow!

However lets not get away from the fact that this was the Prince of Belligerence’s big night and supported  by his consort and fiancee, the lovely Elaine,Foulksey conceded that he “wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea” as 15 dissenters ( 5 nay-sayers and 10 abstentions) decided to register their protest at his appointment.

Power Boy Pip bleated :”It’s a shame because, obviously, Steve’s family and friends were here, so it should have been a nice night and council should have been unanimous in its support.It’s left a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth.”

We presume he wasn’t talking about Foulkesy’s cup of tea!

However if this statement proves anything it is this:
But then he’s learned at the past master’s knee as Foulksey managed to show him just how insensitivity, lack of awareness and sheer ignorance should really be done.

Commenting on the fact that Wirral Foodbank would be one of the Mayor’s chosen charities Foulksey went into full Mother Theresa mode

“Wirral Foodbank is run by genuinely caring people who are in crisis. It takes steps to stop them getting deeper in crisisAs I said in my speech, we are only a few wage packets away, or a very serious accident away, from being in a situation of crisis. There, but by the grace of God go I, which is why I’m also pleased to support the charity.”

So tell us Foulksey how many people have Wirral Council made redundant or bullied out of their jobs are now reliant on such handouts whilst you snort noisily in the trough of plenty whilst being “courted and feted” wherever you go ?………..




2 thoughts on “Courted and Feted

  1. G’day Lordy

    I was looking for you at the BASH.

    Would you have turned your back on the newly elected mayor as did at least one? Me. he he

    I suppose nay saying and abstaining is a much bigger insult.

    I presume the Echo photographer didn’t turn up because they are trying to sneak through the year with minimum publicity, if it all lasts that long.

    Because My lord as soon as he hits the Council Meetings it will turn very very very ugly.

    Get your season ticket now.

    In my last missive I didn’t say how the rest of the conversation between Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro and the blonde from the Chamber Pot finished. She said she couldn’t follow it through because she was an employee.

    Amazeballs my Lord.

    And, just to give closure I saw the Pretend Friend walking off up the distant staircase at the Pavilion (makes the staircase at the broken down Town Hall look like the Stairway to Heaven) to overlook not the beloved Wirral Waters but beyond to Wales mumbling, I would imagine something like, “these poms are such gullible creatures I am so glad I left the Valleys, wink, nod”.

    “You don’t understand how it works boyo”.

    “Due process” Due process” Due process”.

    “Do you want to see my audit trail” “audit trail” audit trail”



    Ps When us WHISTLE BLOWERS get courted and feted in the Mayors Parlour you My Lordship and Lady W will be the first on the guest list.

    Pps They will have to fess up sooner or later My L or do you think they are hoping the Grant Thornton and the DCLG Reports were written in biodegradable ink 1,065 days later?

  2. G’day My L

    Part two of the circus tonight.

    Hope you can make it?

    It just shows that Britain Does Have Talent it just won’t be in attendance at the broken down dump in Wallasey. Unless you are there of course My Lordy.



    Luv ya xxxxxx

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