To be, or not to be, that is the question—
Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles….

We’ve said it before and we”ll say it again but our local politicos love dishing it out but they don’t like it up ’em. We’ve already reported Power Boy Pip’s wimpering about the fact that not all of the assembled throng at this week’s mayor-making ceremony prostrated themselves in adoration of Mayor Foulkesy. Pip’s reasoning that it was really,really bad form to upset the rellies and besties who were in attendance, especially consideringn Foulkesy has always been such a stickler for good manners and decorum!…….

Following this feigned outrage we then had ex-Councillor and bad loser Bri “Nylon” Kenny writing to the Globe complaining that the publishing of a “critical” letter by Lib Dem Councillor Stuart Kelly the day before the recent local elections was “political” and thereby inferring this influenced the outcome of the vote in the Birkenhead/Tranmere ward which Bri memorably lost.  SEE HERE

Don’t worry Bri  we’re sure they’ll find a safe seat for you next time round:

” Meanwhile he’s on the subs bench” chortled Verity
”  Does “subs” stand for substandard ” chipped in Her Ladyship
” Well it stands for something which is more than can be said of some of our Councillors!…” I retorted  –  Oh what larks we have at Leaky Towers!

No doubt it will be only be a matter of time before we hear Foulksey claim he’s being picked on by “disgraceful” blogs again (yawn!)

Oh , but in all good conscience he can’t can he?….. seeing as someone from the Council once complained about something similar,was supposedly ignored and the only way they could possibly be consoled was with a nice fat cheque. (No, we don’t know how that works either!…..)

So all we can say is, sorry Foulkesy, but if you put yourself in the position of mayor you automatically raise your profile and become an unmissable big red target for satire and all the “slings and arrows” that entails. As far as we’re concerned at Leaky Towers it’s “open season” and we’re not talking about the golf!

However on a more positive note we’d like to thank Councillor George Davies for having a little prick in the name of Diabetes Awareness.


What next on the health promotion front for Cllr Davies?
A “Smear (Campaign) Test” ? But will a positive reading lead to a negative outcome?
Health warning to Cllr.Davies : If you want to pass this test steer clear of “sweeteners”…..


3 thoughts on “SLINGS AND ARROWS

  1. G’day My Great Lord

    I sent my daily missive to all 66 councillors early this morning as I woke up really excited at the thought of the new Mayoral term.

    James Griffiths <jamesgriffiths
    07:24 (5 hours ago)

    G'day Mate "Highbrow"

    Well a new term starts tonight, see you there.

    It is like a start to a school term, the bullies that have been there for a long time will be bullying.

    With the help of Sir Git they will stomp all over the newcomers and take their play lunch money off them.

    They will remind them what will happen if they try to upset the apple cart like Lewis XVI.

    The problem they might have is they will not be able to control the fat controllers blood pressure and violent bad temper.

    Almost three years now for Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods. Can't wait to see who is on the Fudgit and Risk It Committee.

    The council senior officers will probably be feeling they can have a fresh start and all their sins will have been forgotten.



    Then I looked at the Globe

    The ruling Labour group’s plan to take blanket control of Wirral Council affairs by ousting opposition parties from chairing local authority scrutiny committees, has come under fire.

    ner ner ner ner ner

    I told you so.

    They already have control I am sure nobody else would hide the Grant Thornton report that cost the taxpayer £50.000.00 plus VAT.



    Ps I apologise Lordly I am sure Lordly that my sense of humour will resume tomorrow after being to part 2 of the circus tonight and seeing those members with pricks in their fingers.

    Pps I won't check for any smear tests but I hope the defibrillator conks out at the right moment.

    Luv you more xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh My Lord (OML)


    OML what a night you missed.

    Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro and I had such a laugh.

    Let me tell you Lordy.

    We got there to the dump early and as we were waiting out the front I thought here comes the Garbo but it wasn’t it was Councillor Bottleshop. “Highbrow” being “Highbrow” said you can’t talk to us can you and he said no and started waffling about “pre determining” don’t the Muppets know Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods goes back three years at the end of the month and “Highbrow” has given them more irrefutable evidence in weight than the Fart Controller will have prawn sandwiches this year.

    Then deja vu from the Floral extravaganza I came out of the dunny and lo and behold once again in front of me was the Pretend Friend, he glanced semi-smiled till he realised who it was and just raised an eyebrow. Mate it doesn’t matter how hard you try you will never never never never be as highbrow as Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro your ex friend (my words) in fact you have more chance of growing as tall as him.

    In we went to the chamber and let me say the fat controller behaved impeccably and even thanked the public (I took that personally) for turning out.

    I thought, has he been hypnotised or something and then wondered if it was the fact that ‘she who has to be obeyed’ was sitting there minding him as the Pretend Friend minds “Highbrow” at the Fudgit and Risk It Committee Meetings in case he explodes. Then I realised he was practising because they are off to London to see the Queen.

    Mayors Diary
    Tuesday 10 June
    10.00 am – The Deputy Mayor will officially open the Carers’ Week information stand outside Wirral University Hospital.
    4.00 pm – The Mayor and Mayoress will attend Her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

    See how the CONSERVATIVE Deputy Mayor does the work for the people of Wirral whilst the ruling party, PARTY HARD.

    Just wait for the “OPEN”.

    It will be hot in Londonso he will get sunburnt, look like a heart attack victim and waffle we have lessons to learn your Maj, we have lessons to learn Lizzy, where is Phil I can teach him a thing or two about foot in gob.

    I digress, back to the Mayor Making, the sequel.

    The meeting progressed and in a couple of hours there was absolutely ZILCH benefit accrued to the taxpayer. (Just the Labor Members, with or without pricks in their fingers)

    The bullies, bullied, predictably as I suggested yesterday morning and now have complete control of everything so let’s just sit back and wait for the administration. All just to grab the extra few thousand quid to share amongst themselves. Oink Oink

    “Highbrow” and I voted for worst speaker of the night and the nominations were Phil The Dill…. Phil the Dill…. And….err Phil The Dill and the undoubted winner was…..go on guess.

    He was atrocious, maybe it was nerves because his hero David Cameron had been on Merseyside that morning. But worse than his diction and enunciation was what he was saying


    They, the bullies, intend to contract everything out, so there goes your job if you work for the CLOWNCIL. I don’t think the media picked up on this and if they did I don’t think they will mention it as they have known of Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods for over two years.

    BIG, ISUS AND WORKING NEIGHBOURHOODS is the classic reason this should not be done.

    They won’t have to listen to pesky whistle blowers holding them to account. I think about 70% of fraud is detected by whistle blowers.

    So My Lordsville sorry to waffle on for so long but it was special when the fart controller thanked the public again (Me hehe) for coming.

    OML what a hilarious night.


    Ps Lordly if you want an even bigger laugh bring the good Lady to the


    Special Meeting, Audit and Risk Management Committee
    Tuesday, 22nd July 2014 6.00 pm

    “Highbrow” has asked if he can speak to the committee, or even just answer questions, so let us see if they can walk the walk of OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY.

    Pps Phil the Dill should turn up and listen to “Highbrow” he might learn a thing or two. I bet he won’t bring the Grant Thornton and DCLG Reports and defend his actions.

    Luv you so much Lordly xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Lewis XVI ! Did they just pretend to guillotine him sending him instead to the Australian penal colony!

    Councillor Lewis Capet does rather have a ring to it though. Cllr Davies could change his name by deed poll, dismiss the Assembly and rule by Divine Right.

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