Working For The Clampdown


It appears to us as though Wirral Council are set on continuing their “improvement journey” without the aid of a moral compass.
The latest move of the ruling Labour group is to take over control of all scrutiny committees,thereby curtailing any questioning of their nefarious ways.
And so we witness the seamless transition from a rundown Council to a clampdown Council.

This was all decided at last nights first full Council meeting chaired by Foulkesy – who last week demonstrated the gravitas and solemnity he brings to the role by jokingly referring to the second part of the Annual General meeting as the “boring bits”.
Forget democratic processes eh Foulksey? It’s the Lord Mayor’s Show and we’d better not forget it!

Under the circumstances we don’t know whether the relative brevity of the meeting was a ruse to minimise dissent or to accommodate the Mayor’s apparent ADHD………

A further indication of the clampdown was the ousting of long time Labour liability Cllr Harry ” Crisp Packet” Smith from the Streetscene portfolio.
” You could say he’s been kicked to the kerb…..” commented Her Ladyship pithily.

It seems to us the Labour group have remembered the World War 2  adage that “loose lips sinks ships” and keen to keep HMS Wirral Council afloat they’ve thrown mouth almighty overboard.

And my goodness have Wirral Council got a supertanker of toxic waste they want to keep buried as deep as the Marianas Trench.
We’ve got the 3 year anniversary of the BIG/ISUS/Working Neighbourhoods whistleblow coming up without any sign of the findings rising to the surface. Additionally we are promised more intriguing developments on the Council’s CCTV control room fiasco – which interestingly was part of Cllr Smith’s portfolio. A source writes:

“This will probably not see the light of day outside of the council as certain reputations will be severely damaged especially the senior officers duped into closing the cctv control room at the loss of eleven jobs and the reversal of decisions as they have kept the control room open with a large budget and untrained agency staff…….”

And of course all this goes without mentioning Wirralgate!

Is it any wonder the clampdown has begun?

Such a move is not an indication of a secure and confident organisation – it is the sign of insecurity and fear.
Therefore it still appears to us that there are more than just a few potholes to overcome on Wirral Council’s  “improvement journey”……………..


1 thought on “Working For The Clampdown

  1. My L

    It is so great to wake up to you My Lovely Lord and it makes me want to burst into song.

    De Clampdown Council sing this song

    Doo da, Doo Da

    De Clampdown Council dunnies are five miles long

    Oh, Dee Doo-Da Day

    I went down south with my Mayors hat on

    I came back north with a pocket full of spin

    Oh, De Doo-Da Day

    You know the rest My Lordsville, have a great day and don’t go out without your moral compass.



    Ps “Highbrow” and I now having a secure NOKIA and we are going BLACKBERRY hunting today. Don’t you just love technology My Lord and people who use it? People just shouldn’t play away.

    Luv you Lots XXXXX

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