Fore Play


We understand the following Councillors have free tickets for every day of the Open golf championships in Hoylake starting on July 17th:
Labour Leader Power Boy Pip and his deputies George “Brillo pad” Davies and Ann McLachlan,Tory Leader Jefferson Green and Lib Dem leader Phil Gilchrist plus Labour cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing Chris Meaden who has done well to swing the freebies (gedditt!?)

What’s more ALL councillors are allowed to go FREE for the pre-tournament Practice Day to enjoy a bit of fore play (so to speak ) and will also be in attendance at the prize giving on the final day. Does anybody know whether any of the Chinese delegation that Pip & Co were entertaining last month have been invited?………………..

Needless to say Foulkesy exclusively reveals in his Wirral “News” Mayoral Diary that :
” I will be representing the borough at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club on a number of civic engagements during the week”

Next week’s column will no doubt feature another Foulkesy exclusive where he reveals that in fact bears shit in the woods and not the new deluxe Super-bog in Wallasey Town Hall.

Now we are all agreed that golf is the most tedious game ever devised but we do know that “fore” (week delay?)  is used as a warning to golfers further up the course if something untoward is heading their way. So we’d like to say “FORE!!!!!” to all the people of Wirral and Wirral Council staff and ask you all – do  you know what they are dealing with yet?.Has the ball dropped in the hole so to speak?

Lord and Lady knows we’ve warned you people enough times but we’d ask you to compare and contrast thes shameless freeloading above with the fact that 500 Council staff are under threat of redundancy because of what some may view as the incompetence, bungeling and dishonesty of Councillors and Senior Officers.

And no Pip we don’t want you to drag out the lazy rhetoric about cuts being a direct result of central government policy.
The irony is that Wirral Council is ideologically a Tory Council run by Labour like the North of England’s answer to Wandsworth Council.

Wirral Council’s stance on the Bedroom and Council Tax is frankly shameless and a direct attack on the poor and vulnerable.

Moreover they are using the exact same tactic as the allegedly despised central government by using the deficit/austerity/cuts smokescreen as a means to an end – in Wirral Council’s case getting rid of their staff either via redundancy or outsourcing.

Of course less staff  means less services but as far as Senior Councillors/Officers are concerned that’s OK – less staff to identify your failings and misdemeanors and public services run by private businesses which are beyond the reach of the Freedom of Information Act.

And so it would seem that  Senior Councillors/Officers get the fore-play and everyone else gets shafted!


5 thoughts on “Fore Play

  1. Wirral Council’s hammering of their staff / trashing of their obligations to vulnerable citizens will only cease when the party formerly known as “Labour” ascend to government in 2015.

    With Graham “Mistakes” Burgess being a Torylite diehard, expect plenty more attacks on both staff AND vulnerable people while they’ve got a bogus justification for it.

    Imagine the embarrassment of dumping people and throwing their lives into turmoil, or outsourcing crucial services for that matter… under a Torylite banner. That’s not going to be allowed to happen, so it’s bale out NOW (and keep taking the freebies) ~ while you’ve got someone else to blame…

  2. Let us hope the councilors & officers who attend the golf in Hoylake remember to put the value of the freebies into their respective “PERKS” folders, I will be looking out for that next month.No doubt you & your ladyship will attend & no doubt you will have to pay for the priveledge as you are not amongts the chosen few.

  3. G’day My Lanky Lord

    I am sorry I have not been in touch for a while but I have been in a state of shock.

    I trust all is well with you and The Lovely Lady at the Manner.

    They are starting to crack at the seams.

    I heard this from one of them (I didn’t believe it) that the Administration is in as soon as the OPEN has been and gone.

    I said bullshit, but, they said that that is why the Pretend Friend said to “Highbrow” leave it to the politicians boyo. You just don’t understand how it all works.

    “Highbrow” actually thought he was going to do something and didn’t realise it was a stalling tactic.

    Then a Grant Thornton investigation was arranged for a mere £50,000.00 to stall for ever more.

    Now there is a special Fudgit and Risk It Committee Meeting regarding Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods a few days after the OPEN is finished. THREE YEARS LATER.

    Mate, ooohh sorry, My Lordly, I don’t believe they would pull the wool over anyone’s (everyone’s) eyes do you?

    So please don’t mention this idle chatter to anybody I would hate to spoil the Fat Controller and his parasites prawn sandwiches out at Hoylake.



    Ps Please please don’t mention it My L.

    Pps I bet you a weeks dole that it isn’t true Your Highness.

    Luv ya xxxxxxxxxxx

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