Lessons Learned


“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

As Wirral Council merrily continues to dismantle public services we note ruefully at Leaky Towers how quickly the “organisation” has returned to its bad old ways.

Firstly the libraries closure volte-face debacle of 2010 is seemingly making a comeback with Burgesski taking his turn to face the flak and issue a statement claiming there’s nothing untoward going on by reviewing the library service once again.
Of course such is the lack of trust and confidence in Wirral Council  that anything emanating from Wallasey Town Hall is instantly met with hostility and suspicion.

It seems to us that Super -Duper Director meetings must mainly consist of them drawing straws to see who is going to front the latest controversial Council press release. Funny we never seem to hear from bullet-dodger Clare Fish whose surname seems most appropriate , as considering her prominent role ,she seems to be about as elusive and vocal as Stringray’s Aqua Marina.

So having been spared the indignity of being overtaken by commissioners (thanks to Frankenfield’s intervention) and having hoodwinked the blinkered Improvement Board it would seem Wirral Council feels secure in returning to the familiar power bases and personalities. There’s Foulkesy ensconced as Wirral’s first citizen with sidekick George Davies still acting as his middle man and Matron McLaughlin back chairing a Council Committee. It’s like the Independent Review never happened – but then this is what happens when an investigator like Anna Klonowski only does half a job and there is no accountability ,no consequences and a politically apathetic public (witness the shockingly low turnout in McLaughlin’s Rock Ferry ward).

Inevitably we now have the return of all the issues which brought Wirral Council into such disrepute – the corrosive culture,the obsessive secrecy,the abuse of power.

There are only so many times the Department of Spin can rely on golf tournaments and Stella Shiu and artists impressions of Wirral Waters and pictures of the Mayor and Mayoress before the spin spirals out of control into sheer delirium

However the Department of Spin does contain at least one person who has learned the lessons of the past. They can certainly show those naive whistleblowers how it should be done. They have learned that knowledge is power – so use it to your advantage.

Keep your job and get a nice big cheque.Win-Win.

That now makes 2 people in the Wirral Council “Job for Life” Club.


4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. G’day My Gracious Lord


    It is three years ago today, 24 June 2011, still employed by Wirral Biz that I phoned Paula Basnett at Invest Wirral to blow the whistle on Wirral Biz.

    Met with her and Adderley the following Tuesday week as she had to wait for him to (get his football shirt cleaned and name highlighted and mounted for the upcoming season) be available (probably entertaining Stella).

    You will not believe this My Love, they were still paying Wirral Biz taxpayers monies in December 2012.


    In September 2011 The Pretend Friend got involved (did you ever get into his chamber My L when he was Mayor) and £50,00.00 plus VAT he persuaded them to pay Grant Thornton (he he he, he/they thought they would never bite the hand that fed them) to do an independent report .

    My Leaky Lord that is more than the annual audit fee.

    So My Lordly they obviously did bite the hand that fed them and the investigator no longer works at Grant Thornton. Real people, real money.

    They found criminality without even interrogating council staff My Lordsly they said if they did question them they would not get co-operation.

    As you say My Luscious Lord;

    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

    As Wirral Council merrily continues to dismantle public services we note ruefully at Leaky Towers how quickly the “organisation” has returned to it’s bad old ways.

    So Lord and Lady, three years on where is that Grant Thornton Report, all I can think to do is to burst into song;

    Why are we waiting
    Why can’t we start changing
    Why are we waiting
    Always so frustrating
    Why are we waiting
    We need rearranging
    Why are we waiting


    Ps Special Risk It and Fudgit Committee Special Meeting on 22 July 2014 to discuss Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods, 1,124 days after phoning Basnett. Yep one thousand one hundred and twenty four days. Three years and some loose change.

    Pps Come along My Lord and Lady there is bound to be some doggy bags brought back from Hoylake and tell her indoors that it looks like the new committee is all men.

    Pps Now the Fart Controller is Mayor who is going to take over his role in the Committee of talking endlessly saying nothing meaningful and repeating at the end of every sentence, we have lessons to learn, we have lessons to learn, we have lessons to learn. The meetings will be so short without him.

    Ppps Another bonus now he is Mayor we can start a new game of Who Looks Like a Purple People Eater, or, I have a new game I want to play, Who Spent The Most Time and Taxpayer Money At Hoylake and Looks The Most Like a Heart Attack Victim With Sunburn.

    He will pale into insignificance compared to the dunny chain wearer.

    Luv you so much XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day Lordsly and Fine Lady

    Have lessons been learned three years and small change later;

    Posted on March 17, 2013
    Now although we’ve followed the Wirral Biz story for some time we at Leaky Towers have been reluctant to do a piece because frankly we don’t understand what the blithering hell is going on.Top tooter Nigel Hobro (along with his whistleblower in arms James Griffiths) have been commenting for some time in local press that something was amiss in grant funding administered by Wirral Council.

    There appears to have been the usual merry go round of internal audit failing to do their job properly ,the whistleblowers getting rather miffed and Wirral Council then having to commission an external report ( costing £39K) and hey whad’ya know! – the matter has now been referred to the police.
    Council Leader Pip does his usual trick of first absolving Councillors or Council Officers of any blame ( whilst according to Mr.Hobro failing to mention they actually haven’t been investigated).Magnanimously Mr.Hobro suggests this oversight was because “the Press officers do not necessarily understand the issues at stake”.Au contraire mon cher, the Press Office absolutely and totally understand “the issues at stake”.
    Or specifically the main issue – Reputation Management.
    Verity also has brought to my attention that the auditors responsible for this report are Grant Thornton ,who have been appointed Wirral Council’s auditors.She then pointed her immaculately manicured crimson talons at an article on page 29 of Private Eye which states that: ” Grant Thornton ,is doing it’s own nice line in cover-ups”.
    The Private Eye story is concerned story an investigation into highly questionable billing in the NHS and a subsequent report produced by the auditors . The Eye obtained a copy of the report under Freedom of Information laws and describes the report as a “classic beancounters fudge……..by ignoring the main over-billing allegation and using what even it admitted was a “non-statistical sample” ,it managed – surprise,surprise – to find nothing wrong”.
    Now were not suggesting the same thing has gone on in this particular case but be warned Justine has raised her beady eyes above her pince-nez and .THE GOOD LADY IS WATCHING YOU!
    Meanwhile DCI Springfield from Merseyside Police has issued the following statement:”It may be false,it may be true but nothing has been proved”

    NO NO NO



    Ps See you both at the Fudgit and Risk It Special Meeting 5pm 22 July 2014. (To hear the inevitable “WHITEWASH”.

    Pps Bet the “Pretend Friend” and his co collaborators are there in numbers to keep an eye on “Highbrow”. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if the “Friendly Journalist” is kept away by the “The Dill”.

    Pps I hope the “Dunny Chamber Wearer” is there so I can check on his colour and weight a month in.

    Ppps If “The Shyster” is there we will have the full set as long as “The Football Shirt” is hung in the “Chamber”.

    Pppps Get her Ladyship to explain who all the characters are Lordsville.

    Luv you both to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (No Stella hasn’t bought the moon My Leaker, I sold her the Sydney Harbour Bridge instead)

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