The Drink’s On Us

“If you drink,don’t drive.
Don’t even putt…….” – Dean Martin

BALLSToday we raise a glass and send our fraternal felicitations to fellow feather -rufflers and local bloggers Paul Cardin and John Brace.

Writing recently about his dealings with local Council Law Lord Surjit Tour and his team Mr.Cardin reports that :

“Over the last two years, in response to probing, but otherwise innocuous freedom of information requests, the “team” has combined the awesome power of their collective legal minds, and has clubbed together to issue a total of three rebuttals, in which they’ve claimed that my requests are ‘vexatious’ …..And three times, I’ve whacked the Wirral Council mole over the head and sent their hideously deluded collection of lawyers, misfits, deniers and data geeks scurrying back into the town hall to lick their wounds.”


Subsequently Mr.Brace was sent an email titled “Fraudulent Email” by Tour following the publication on his blog of correspondence sent by Comrade Burgesski providing details of the upcoming Open golf beano.

Tour blusters as follows:

“This is clearly a serious matter and I formally request that you immediately remove the email and the associated commentary concerning this subject matter from your blog.The Council would prefer to avoid taking action in respect of this entry; however, I must put you on notice that the Council will have little alternative but to consider alternative action should you refuse or fail to remove this entry from your blog forthwith…..”

Now can we offer Mr.Tour some advice (pro bono , of course) and humbly suggest that when it comes to vexatiousness and the leaking of confidential correspondence that he looks much, MUCH closer to home.

There’s more fun to be had on the Brace blog


as he provides a transcript of a recent Roger Phillips Radio Merseyside programme where local caller (Paul from New Brighton) raises the issue of the grace and favour hospitality to be enjoyed by the local political and business elite at the Open golf championships.

Then up pops Councillor Walter “Wally” Smith to deny such claims before disclosing he has indeed enjoyed “lavish hospitality” not because he is a Councillor  – oh,no,no,no  – but because he’s run up a few pair of kecks for a local hotelier.

Well that’s alright then!

He then goes on to whine ( no pun intended) : “We don’t even have a drink with the Mayor every sort of four or five months like we used to because we’ve cut out all the frills because we’re in an extremely difficult period for local government funding…..”

Forgive us for being underwhelmed by such principled self-sacrifice!. Whatever possessed Smith to think that a piss up on the public purse was ever appropriate in the first place !

Talking of the Mayor and ,ahem, drinks – we note that the Council are being particularly coy about releasing the costs of Foulkesy’s Mayor-making ceremony and ,we presume the bar bill in particular, which we suspect will be eye-watering.


Not to fear – as we know all too well Wirral Council has more leaks than a rusty colander , so we can expect to see the details on a local blog very soon – not this one obviously.We at Leaky Towers are always the soul of discretion and the epitome of decorum……

Chin! Chin!

2 thoughts on “The Drink’s On Us

  1. and don’t forget your own article of “Mr Griffiths has a new T-shirt in which encounter with the Law Lord, Mr Griffiths confounded the same with a

    “Ner , Ner you cant sue me whether or not
    Your Supa director be libelled or sore
    Write not a letter to all councillors
    Waste not our money nor be a bully
    Do not expend thus your vast salary
    Soothsayer , untruth teller Adderley?
    He hath cert enough of ratepayer’s gold
    to prove himself of truth-telling mould
    Write not to Hobro with threatening writ
    Pursue now the guilty don’t you geddit?”

  2. G’day My Jolly Good Lord

    “If you drink,don’t drive.
    Don’t even putt…….” – Dean Martin

    In Australia My L we say;

    “Don’t drink Drive”

    “It is washing powder”.

    Today I would like to raise a glass and send my own fraternal felicitations to you All at Leaky Towers, Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro, Paul Cardin, Martin Morton and John Brace.

    What sort of place would it be without you people keeping an eye on the villains and having the guts to stand up to the microbes amongst them?

    I should still love Wirral for being such a wonderful place to have grown up as I was telling my nieces and nephews from Australia when showing them around last week.

    Sorry Lordsly, I just can’t after dealings with “Wirral Bizz”, “The Football Shirt”, “The Pretend Friend”, “The Shyster”, “The Dill” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    I feel so sad for the decent people who do work at Wirral but I wish they would stand up and sort out the grubs. Grubs who think they are fine upstanding citizens could certainly take lessons from you that I have felicitated above, no My Lady I didn’t say that other word that you enjoy so much.



    Ps I presume we have all had one of those missives from Sir Git, haven’t we?

    I have mine on the dunny wall.

    Pps “Highbrow” has been working hard to try to convince me that they will be open, honest and transparent at the Fudgit and Risk It Special Meeting about Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods on 22 July 2014.

    Do you really think it is possible My Loveable Lord?

    Luv ya XXX Chin! Chin!

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